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Controversial “full contact” blows – No damage!

by George Mattson

Controversial "full contact" blows – No damage???

Those of you who have been on this site for awhile, have read the stories of a certain style of karate that teaches its students how to take full contact blows to the throat, solar plexus, stomach and hmmmmmm the groin!
Very interesting subject… as usual… discussing what I call "extreme" training.

Is Jukukai full contact hits to what are considered "very vulnerable/sensitive" areas of the body real or some kind of trickery?

My opinion is that they are real! There just isn’t any way they could safely pull off these feats with trickery.

Now, this isn’t to say that quite a few people haven’t accomplished the feats using trickery. They certainly have. But the videos I’ve seen of Jukukai people performing these feats, I would have to say they are taking/absorbing what we see them taking and absorbing.

OK. Lets look at the facts. (of course as I see them) 

1. I was raised on a farm as a kid. We castrated hundreds of hogs a year. I remember trying to take one of the removed testicles and placing it on a board, then attempting to crush it with a hammer. Couldn’t do it. And I tried quite a few times. The damn thing kept bouncing off the board, out of the way.

2. Now I did crush one by placing a board over the testicle and slowly pushing down on it.

3. Hmmmmmm

4. Is it possible that a fast kick or punch will fail to accomplish something that a simpler grab and squeeze will do?

Now I will turn the discussion back to the engineers, doctors and other experts here, hoping they will look at this one feat of trying (and failing) to crush the testicles with a fast kick as something that might be explained as being painful (I know it is painful!) but not something that will not crush the jewels.

5. As a 15 year old boy, I pretended to be a baseball catcher and offered to catch for our high school best pitcher. After a few minutes of warm up, he started to throw fast balls. No trouble. Then fast curve balls. The first one hit me square in the forehead! I expected to be knocked out…. everyone watching ran over expecting me to be killed…. I didn’t feel anything other than a sting.

I’m sure there is a good explanation, but no one at the time could figure out why I wasn’t hurt.

Now I probably could go on tour, having people hit me in the head with baseball bats or fast balls and continue to amaze people. On the other hand maybe I was just lucky and maybe the next one would kill me.

I mention this because many things circus performers and karate performers did 30-50 years ago amazed and mystified audiences. Just how in the hell did that guy break five boards with his kick?

With time, someone will come up with a logical explanation for everything the Jukukai people are doing. Meanwhile, I’m impressed and mystified!

The topic is an interesting one and that will get even more interesting as our experts begin to focus on the "why" rather than "is it fake". Check it out on Bill Glasheen’s forum. The thread is "No touch", which is also interesting, but I think the real meat will be in the "full contact – no hurt" spin off.

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