Sep 08 2012

Why Does Acupuncture Work?….Part 2

Well…since you have had some days to chew on the last post, I thought today might be a good day to offer up more “tantalizing bits” of practical information to help solve, or at lease place into perspective, the how we can influence balance, maintain health and live a life filled with longevity and grace.

Since the beginning of our collective journey, there has always been the known, but usually unspoken, the role emotions play into our daily lives.  Those choices and events we experience and ultimately make, offer up essentially who we are.  Simply stated, we

Qi Qing…The Seven Emotions

are not only the cellular-biological soup we “swim in” every moment, we also include the “energetic aspects” of our emotions and how we “play at life” to complete our “life profile”. 

This is why “old stubborn issues” which seem to be difficult to resolve on a physical level, must be looked at, addressed  and dealt, within the context of “The Seven Emotions” for us to begin to heal.

What are the Seven Emotions and what do they have to do with acupuncture and our ability to heal?

The Seven Emotions are as follows:  Anger, Fear, Elation and Joy, Sadness, Oppression, Overthinking and Fright.  These are the fundamental emotions which make us human and have EVERYTHING to do with how chronic conditions can develop and cause us to keep from healing.

I know this is a pretty bold and startling statement…but if we look at how a “trapped emotion” causes a chain reaction which eventually leads to some condition, simply “popping up out of nowhere”, this awareness and understanding can be our first key to its resolution. 

I will never forget in medical school, when my instructor gave us a short and sweet indication on how this works.  Basically, she offered up an example of how, if someone close to you passes suddenly and your response is “prolonged grief and sorrow”, within 3-5 days you will come down with a cold or the flu!! 

The reasoning behind this understanding is, the emotions of grief and sorry control the function of the lungs and this “overriding negative emotional state, weakens the lungs which by the way controls your “Wei Qi” or protective qi….translated as your immune system in western medical terms.  So, through a consistent and unresolved emotional state, we offer up a profound and significant overall change in our “state of well-being”, creating the opportunity for a lowered state of health. 

Let this be something to ponder the next time someone “cuts you off”……more to come!

Dr. V

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