Aug 29 2012

Why Does Acupuncture Work?…Part 1

Ever since 1973 when news correspondent, James Reston got treated for post-operative surgical pain, while accompanying President Richard Nixon during his China diplomacy trip, Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, for most still remains a mystery. 

The complete understanding of this ancient system can indeed take a lifetime to learn and integrate.  More simply, what makes this ancient system of stimulating known points, enticingly effective for both acute and chronic disorders?  The answer lies in the time-honored understanding of how our “vehicles” interact with the seasons, the elements, (wind, cold, heat, dryness, dampness, fire) and our emotions. 

By stepping back a moment, to recognize how we constantly interact with two basic factors which incorporate EVERYTHING…we can distill down the complexity of life.  These two fundamental aspects of all things are YIN and YANG…..For those not “hip” to where these terms originate, they are the basis for the philosophy/religion of Taoism and is the basis of Traditional Oriental Medicine.

This can best understood as Hot vs. Cold, Hard vs. Soft, White vs. Black, Man vs. Woman, on and on…adinfinitum.  All things in this “dualistic” Universe we all live in, respond to the relationship of Yin/Yang. 

When we have a condition which is better with heat, it makes sense the issue is related to “an invasion of Cold”.  If an issue related to pain is worse with pressure. then energy needs to be “drained”, verses a condition where pain is better with pressure, requiring a “tonification” of energy…such as an application of “moxibustion heat”.  It is always about finding balance, moving that which is stuck, heating that which is cold, draining that which is full and keeping the Qi or energy and blood flowing and in balance. 

By utilizing the known effects of points located on various aspects of our torso and limbs, we have the ability to “manipulate the “flow and balance” of Qi energy and by doing so, create an opportunity for the body to respond…(do to our innate function to create the highest good possible with what we are given). 

This is how the journey begins!

Obviously there is more to come…chew on this for awhile and by all means…your comments are welcome.

Doc V

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