Oct 18 2012

What is “PRM” ??… (Physiological Regulating Medicine”)

PRM…or what it stands for…(Physiological Regulating Medicine), happens to be the latest holistic medical evolution for directing the basic elements of our body’s biochemical makeup to, as I would put it…”to recreate anew”.

By cleaning up, or detoxifying the “ground matrix” or better commonly known as our “cellular soup” through the use of known, non-toxic homeopathic energy medicines, we can then begin the process of, supporting the basic tools utilized to create all the proper biochemical processes, allowing us to “work”…remain in balance and health.  This process also has the ability to “rejuvenate” all cells and tissues. 

Done by directing the “undifferentiated stem cells” we all have at our disposal, this “subtle work” happens on the cellular level through the application of homeopathically produced “cytokines and interleukin’s”,… the directors for balanced replication and development of tissues and organs.

I know this is quite a complex subject and delves into the most important advances of our time, although the beauty and simplicity of the overall effects of PRM cannot be overstated. 

More can be observed and learned  as we continue on the educational path of PRM through a new thread “Understanding the Power and Value of PRM”, under the Forums tab: http://forums.uechi-ryu.com/viewforum.php?f=83&sid=3111a17d8f07070e662995b5e738d767

I look forward to great discussions and awesome learning for all who desire to attend and interact.

Dr. V


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