Sep 13 2012

Taking a Step Back…Reiterating the Importance of the “Self-Care Initiative”

With all of the important information I have initially been writing about and what has been viewed on the supported videos, does anyone wonder why?  Why is “Self-Care” important and how can I it effect me in my daily life…now and into the future?? 

The clear-cut answer to these questions can be determined in any number of ways.  What makes sense to me and continues to provoke in me, the passion to place forth this information, rests in the knowledge others are speaking and writing about, regarding our pending financial and political future.  

If we are to look at current events and the continued uncertainty which looms around us, it behooves us all to re-evaluate the nature of our decisions and how these decisions will impact us throughout a variety of circumstances. 

The INVALUABLE KNOWLEDGE gained from acquiring and being able to pass on practical information on “Self Care”, offers nothings less than a “quantum leap in personal freedom”! 

While it looks like the “inalienable rights”, bestowed to us all, by our Constitution and Bill of Rights and Creator, continue to get “whittled away”, we must act to retain our “natural born freedoms” in the most profound of ways.  One very profound way, is to have at our disposal the vital, time-honored and natural healthcare information which has been passed down by out ancestors for thousands of years.  Freedom is all about information….

The more we have, related to the choices we make, the more capability we have, assuming we act upon correct choices, to remainFREE!

The Chinese character for “Change” offers us a great description of what I am describing….The upper character describes: “Danger” and the lower character “Opportunity”.

Now…Back to the information, if you continue to desire it…..peace!

Dr. V


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