May 08 2018

Summerfest Masters Celebration . . .

Uechi-ryu is (or should be) a life-long activity. Our senior members take their roles in our Uechi-ryu community very seriously. They train in a healthful and intelligent manner as well and are proud to display their skills in front of their peers before accepting advanced ranks and before being honored with titles of Renshi, Kyoshi or Hanshi.

Our annual Summerfest Masters Celebration has become the perfect place for honoring these seniors.

In the following video, Neal Stone demonstrates some of the physical training that supplements his intensive Uechi training.

Neil Stone Gym Workout

Join Neil Stone, Sensei of the Brookline, NH dojo, as he prepares for his 8th Degree Black Belt Test. Learn more at www.uechiryubutokukai.com/summerfest.

Posted by Uechiryu Butokukai on Tuesday, May 8, 2018

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