Audio Interviews

1/4/2010: Dr. SaTerra Vishnu, DOM responds to posts received on Bill Glasheen's forum
Topic: Remembering the Barefoot Doctors
: Listen to the audio response by clicking here

5/25/2008: G. Mattson interviews Kyoshi Darin Yee. Lots of discussion relating to traditional martial arts and fighting. What role the Chinese martial arts has in modern Uechi-ryu.

11/23/2007: G.Mattson interviews Kimo Wall. Very interesting discussion
relating to Kimo's personal involvement with the martial arts.

11/12/2007: G. Mattson interviews Bill Glasheen regarding physical fitness
and martial arts. Informative information regarding the "FireDragon" Challenge.

11/12/2007: G. Mattson interviews Bill Glasheen and discusses the importance
of "cooperative" drills and kata Bunkai in karate training.

11/8/2007: G. Mattson interviews Roy Bedard on the subject of "blocks"
in the martial arts.

8/13/2007: G. Mattson talks about SummerFest, past and present. Also
the history of the Mattson Academy

5/31/2007: ..G.Mattson interviews Mel Brand: Mel studied Uechi-ryu on
Okinawa during the mid 1960s. more

12/21/2008: Dave Young talks about "realism" and how his civilian self-defense program
ties in perfectly with traditional martial arts.





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