March, 2005 Mailbag

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Letters from Old Friends!


Greetings from California. Just thought I’d drop a note to say hi.

I see that you have relocated to Florida. I must tell you that I’m deeply disappointed because I can no longer give you a hard time about uninhabitable New England weather!!

As you may be aware I occasionally enjoy glancing at the forums to see what kind of misbehavior is occurring. I looked in on the Verbal Self Defense forum (my first time there) and noticed a controversy regarding an individual’s (apparent) outspoken opinions regarding pre-arranged kumite. I do really enjoy these things because, as I read the posts and the responses, it occurred to me that if a particular individual doesn’t care for these drills he can do one of two things: evaluate how he can make the drill fit into his preconceived notions about his practice (make them work for him, which is something we should all do), or simply don’t do them! I tend to think that if said individual (or anyone, for that matter) doesn’t see the value of these drills he’s not really understanding them, but, this is my opinion.

I’ll tell you, the reason I only rarely make comments on the forums is that, in the end, my opinions are only valuable to me. There were times through the years that I questioned the validity of certain aspects of our system only to find out, as time went on (and hopefully, experience and understanding), I found that perhaps maybe I, amazingly, just didn’t understand the lessons lying within those aspects! Imagine that.....

Our Central Coast group is planning to compete in Fumio Demura’s Shito-ryu Invitational on Feb 27 so we’ve been busy practicing drills that conform to WKF expectations and rules. (How about that!) I’ve told my folks that, while winning is fun, our real goal is to let the other systems know we are effective, safe competitors. Should be fun.

Anyway, hope all is going well with you and Susan. Please give her my best.
I hope you are enjoying Florida. Never been there myself.

Steve Goss

Sensei George,
I just spoke with Susan the other day and I am happy to know you are settling in your new home in sunny Fla. A well earned change for a deserving person. I pray God will Bless your new home and ventures as well as good health.

Damian returned home right before Christmas from Iraq, after his fourth tour. He will be staying state side now. An answer to my prayers. Scott has recovered from his mild stroke, but the doctor wants him to go to a specialist anyway. Katie is doing well in school, and her music band is really taking off. She is starting a t-shirt co. This kids incredible, no worries with her except she is driving now. AHHHHH!!!!!!!! Theresa has met someone special and they are talking about the M word. He lives in Orlando,has two jobs and a condo plus he is going to school. He was here visiting, seems like a very nice young man.

I am going in for, hopefully, my last surgery, next week. Too much to go into, but recovery will take awhile. I am using the Summer Camp maybe, test as a goal. Even if I do not go up I am going to make it a target. Brooks lives not to far from here, so when I am able, I am going to work out with him, plus I still have about 10 students waiting for me to get going.

That is all for now, say hi to Susan for me,
Love+God Bless, Rose (Dyer) 2-1-05

I just spoke with Rose on the Phone today (3-4-05) and discovered that she is doing very well following her very difficult neck surgury. She will be with us at SummerFest, helping out with the kids. GEM

I was on your site today and read about how you were sitting in the back yard enjoying the weather. I'm jealous. We have a foot of snow coming in this week.

Bruce Witherall

Hello George/Susan:

Just a quick hello from Joanne and I up here in good old NS.
We are doing very well and staying busy. I was just flipping through the site and decided to say a quick hello. Hope all is well for you folks. Take care!

Dave Hunt

Another Warrior Gone!

Dear George

We have lost Mark Waye at a young age of 22, he passed away of natural causes (unexpected) in his sleep. Mark joined our dojo when he was 13, he was a very timid and sensitive boy who embraced Uechi to become a determined, outgoing and kind man. Mark reached Nidan and was instrumental in helping launch the Lunenburg dojo, Mark was always available for anyone who needed him, and never asked anything in return. At his wake his certificate was proudly displayed by his father. Both Marks Mom (Marks Mom passed away 2 years ago), and Dad (and other relatives) were proud of how he overcame obsticals placed in his path, they both were openly thankful of the Uechi he loved and the people in it that touched his short life. Mark was an only child and I can not imagine the hardship his father now bares. marks family wishes to express this feeling "up the ranks" as Mark (and them) admired those who made Uechi available in North America. A moment of silence (sincere) was given at last Sundays Maritime championship, Martial spirit takes so many forms.

George; Mark attended a recent seminar given by Bob Bethoney in Truro (Duncan`s club). I didn`t attend but Mark was very fueled by Bethoney Sensei, I wish him to know that he made a huge positive impact on a young man. How would we teach knowing for some it may be one of their last days, Bob was able to do that quite well without ever knowing Marks unfortunate faith.
And now, we must move on.

Leo Blinn

"Old vs New" Exercises


Interesting discussion going on about rotation exercises. (On Bill Glasheen's Forum) I sent the link to my friend who is a uechi yondan and orthopedic surgeon in Florida, (operated on my knees finding that I needed the replacements) asking his take on the exercises. Without getting too technical he said 'they are useful because they key in proprioreceptive responses before the start of other types of exercise' . Everything should be done in moderation and not take to extremes. Jeff asked how he can respond to the posts. It would be nice to get his prospective as a ortho surgeon. As I read, I experienced in Okinawa a much slower warming up session giving the body adequate time to slowly stretch and react to the exercises being done. What I see here in many dojo is a marathon warm up session with the class leader hurrying through the exercises to get them done. I have taught Sr. classes where I took the exercises to a snails pace and with great results.
Anyway, you will experience a much better stretch in Florida with your body relaxed and warm.

Everyone at my dojo is getting itchy for spring and preparing for the tournament. I am being asked by parents when the applications will be sent out. I have posted the web info etc so everyone is informed about the new location.
.. . .

See you in April.

Thanks for another interesting point of view, especially since Jeff offers a positive reason for continuing the Uechi warm-ups. Regarding the April 30th tournament: I'm working on dojo kits, which will be mailed to teachers later this month. GEM

A P.S. from Steve:

Proprioception refers to the connection between the brain and every structure in the body - a relay of information about "where the body is in space" - it is something like hand-eye co-ordination. When you run on uneven surfaces, your proprioceptive responses prevent your foot from turning too much to the outside, or inside, and when you twist your ankle, this response 'catches' your foot before the muscles, tendons and ligaments are stretched beyond recovery. Particularly in the case of an injury, these communication channels need to be re-established to prevent further injury to the weakened area.


Great exercises to improve balance for "the older crowd"

Sadly, we only refine our proprioceptive responses and balancing skills in the physiotherapy room following an injury. But, incorporating these exercises into your daily routine will prevent weaknesses and injury by teaching and enforcing correct body positioning and neuromuscular control.

Proprioception Exercises
SINGLE LEG STAND: Stand on one leg. Do not lock your knee but keep it slightly bent with the kneecap aligned over the middle toes of the foot. Alternate legs. Increase difficulty by slightly moving up and down. Work up to 2 minutes on each leg. To be done without shoes.
AEROPLANE: Stand on one leg as in the previous exercise, but now FLY like an aeroplane. Extend your arms out like wings and move your body forwards, backwards and sideways. Focus on maintaining your balance. Work up to 2 minutes on each leg. To be done without shoes.
UNSTABLE SURFACE: Perform the above two exercises but try standing on an unstable surface: a wobble board, sprint mattress, trampoline or a pile of pillows. Allow the body to correct itself naturally and don't hold on to anything to steady yourself. Work up to 2 minutes on each leg. To be done without shoes.
CROSSING OVER FEET: Walk sideways like a crab by crossing one leg in front and then behind the other, keeping your feet facing forward. Find an open area where you can run sideways for at least 10 steps. As your co-ordination improves, try running. Work up to 5 minutes. With or withour shoes.
HOP-ALONG: On one leg, practice these three exercises. A) Hop from left to right. B) Hop forward and back. C) 'Draw' an upsidedown triangle as you hop from your starting position (green dot).

It is not necessary to hop fast. Rather concentrate on hopping lightly while maintaining your balance and an upright posture. Look ahead and not down. As your ability improves, increase the distance between your landing points, really get those ankles and muscles working. To be done without shoes.

Balance is a much needed skill on foot - for when you're scrambling over tricky terrain - and on a mountainbike. Especially when you're jumping, you need to feel confident in your ability to leap from one point to the next, maintaining your balance as you land.

Thanks to Steve Banchick for sending me these two exercise articles. Following is Steve's reply to my email to him:GEM

Hi Steve:
I’ve been doing these exercises forever and feel they have helped me remain in good shape. However, many of my students have had knee/hip/ankle problems and I now am not sure how much my training was responsible in some way for their condition. GEM

Geez George

Don't blame yourself. We have been doing the same exercises and I am the only one in my dojo with knee problems. I feel it's the luck of the draw. I don't think these exercises have anything to do with the problems you mentioned. It has more to do with physical make up, life style, diet and genetics more than these movements we have been doing. Who do we blame for elbow and shoulder problems?

It is good however that you are thinking through all the discussion. As we get older we can't continue at a 20 year olds pace. Have to be kinder and gentler on the joints.


George Mattson's Monthly Newsletter Comments!

I have tried to subscribe to your newsletter but keep getting an error. I will keep an eye on the site for more information.
Don P. Rapsinski

Hi Don:

Sorry for the problem. I'll look into it. If anyone else who reads this has NOT received the March Newsletter, please contact me and I'll manually subscribe you. GEM

SummerFest Items!

Hi George:

If there is going to be a Friday night award ceremony. Would we be passing out the IUKF Referee certificates and awards that same Friday night? In place of doing it on Saturday night.
. . .


Yes Jay, that is a great idea and one we will run with. I'm working with our Board of Directors to select some real nice awards for our hard working officials. By keeping the application fees for the kids real low, this event is one that should be supported by all Uechi dojo. Having a wonderful group of officials, who are objective in their calls and attentive throughout the tournaments is also a big plus. IUKF will make sure they get the recognition, appreciation and thanks they deserve at this year's SummerFest. GEM


I'm having a bit of difficulty sorting out which information is for summerfest 2004 and which for 2005 including application and cost? I'm assuming it is dorm type housing for which we can pay and meals for those days? Perhaps I am just a bit early in wanting to sign up and get sorted out.

I am finding an interesting irony in that I was one of two white belts in 1990, and will be still a green belt (having only returned to this in the past several months after family illness and such) again this summer. I had a super time then and expect this will be just as great.

So, I just need to know what to pay and what to fill out............if I can email even better.

Where is your dojo in Florida? I get down to Palm Beach Gardens from time to time as my parents live there most of the year. Would *love* to be able to come and work out if I get back down this year (and happy to pay any fee for so doing!)

Kind Regards,


Susan Schlenger

Hi Suze: I finally got the correct Acrobat summerfest application up on the web. You shouldn't have any problem now. Yes, you can sign up for the complete camp, including food, lodging and seminars (oh yes, the parties, domonstrations and lectures too) Please fill out and send in the application or you can bring it with you if you just want to send in payment through our secure store site, where you can pay by credit card. My new dojo is the Eustis Senior Center. I have just a couple of students at this time, so you are more than welcome to join us. I'm hoping to see a few New Englanders visit me soon. GEM

Your Summer Fest looks very interesting - do you have dates for the 2005 Summerfest?

Do many teens attend it? It looks like it might be mainly geared towards adults. My son is a 15 y-o orange belt (will definitely have advanced past that by summer). Will he find many other people his age and his level?


Neil W.....

We do get quite a few teens Neil, many who are accompanied with their parents, who can either work out in our beginners programs (should they not be m.a. students) or they can go on many Cape Cod sight seeing opportunities that are available. gEM

(Note: Neil and his son both signed up for SummerFest!)

Hi George,

We hope the move to Florida has been successful and that you and Susan are enjoying retirement. [Hey, I didn't retire!:))Forrest hopes to make it back to Junior SummerFest this year. I thought I would update you on what Forrest is doing these days. Any day now, he will receive the stripe on his green belt, and he is diligently studying for the written test to earn his brown belt. Even though he is no longer in 4-H due to his busy schedule with karate, junior high school, and nordic ski racing, he decided to take on a community service project. His project is to raise money to purchase a ballistic vest for our local sheriff's department canine officer, Edge, a Laborador Retriever trained to search for narcotics.

In 9 days, Forrest has already raised $290 of the $725 needed to purchase the vest. I've attached an article from one of our local papers that tells about Forrest's project.

He's a great kid who will go places when he gets older, and we are very proud of him. He has also made the honor roll both quarters so far this year. Forrest's karate studies have greatly helped to give him the confidence, self esteem and focus to do well in life. Your book has a permanent home on his night stand. Hopefully, the next time you are in Massachusetts, Forrest can make it to one of your classes.

With regard to the Junior SummerFest, would it be possible to have some workshops geared to more advanced junior karate students? After watching the program from the sidelines last summer, I noticed that many of the participants were not yet karate students but were testing the waters to see if they would like to study karate. I think if you offer some advanced junior workshops, you would more participants at the event.

Take care and be well,
Jen . . .

Yes, Forrest is a great kid! He did a fantastic job a camp last year and we are looking forward to his return this year. I've been working with our JrFest committee and gave them your suggestion about having the classes broken down by rank. Although most of the kids in this program are not karate students and are attending to see if they like it, this year we are anticipating quite a few kids who are studying. We are encouraging the new kids to continue training with dojo in their area after camp. Last year most of them continued their training at local dojo. GEM

Sensei Mattson,

I am interested in attending and participating in the Summerfest. And I would like the opportunity to show, demo, and sell my Punch/Block Power Charger while I am there. Can we work out an arrangement for that?

Best regards,

Al Connelly
Voice & FAX 888-439-4302
Mobile 917-453-8643

Hi Al:

We have a number of booth spaces available for the weekend, for which we charge $100. The program, (food and lodging) is additional.

I hope your company is doing well and I hope you will be able to join us this year.



PS. If any other company would like booth space, please contact me ASAP. GEM


Subject: books

Mr Mattson,

I am looking for your books and the books of Allen Moulton. Can you tell me where I might purchase them? Thanks Paul Richmond

Hi Paul:

Best place to buy them is at the "Store":


George E. Mattson

This year's 8th Dan Candidate

Dear Al:

Hope all is going well with you and family.

Sue and I are finally settled in and pretty much got everything unpacked. I’m teaching at a local community center and keeping busy with other projects.

Now… to the reason for my writing:

I recommended you for this year’s 8th dan promotion celebration and all seniors I asked about this recommendation, completely agreed. So. . . If you can assure me that you can attend this year, I would like you to attend our Saturday masters’ event to receive you 8th dan certificate.

This is an important ceremony, since it is attended by your peers and approved by them as well as your instructor.

Please confirm that you have received this message as soon as possible so I might include this announcement with the SummerFest mailing and promotion.

Congratulations and best wishes,

George Mattson

Dear Sensei,

The last few years have been very difficult for me; however, whats life without a few challenges.....stressless!

I,m glad to hear that you are both finally settled; i,m very aware of what relocating can be like.

Sensei, thanks for the reccommendation for 8th dan promotion this year. I am very honoured and humbled by this consideration. I have a problem with my right leg at the moment; hopefully it will be better by then; i would not want to dissapoint you, my peers, or myself.

I will try to hold off my students re their grading until then.


Al Wharton

Book Corrections and other things!

Hi Sensei
Hope all is well with you and Susan. I wanted to ask you a few questions, first your Uechiryu karate do book, I never had much of reason to read past what I was learning, so recently I have been looking at Konchin, there ia a typo on page 388 after the wrist blocks, step off, block, kick, it says left kick the first one is a right kick, something that you may already know but if you plan on using the same text for your new book it may be overlooked.

Then I wanted to use the book as a reference for San- Sei- Ryu, and it isn't in the book. I hope you have pictures of Master Uechi , or yourself doing the kata and you will include it in your new book. I wonder why the big three kata aren't in the book? Speaking of the new book how is it coming?

There as been some talk of a 30 min video/dvd on ebay with footage of your trip to Okinawa in 1964, It contains kung fu masters doing monkey and drunken style,all in black and white. I am interested in stuff like that do you have that footage for sale? I couldn't find it on the Uechi web store, I figured you shot the footage with Charles Earle, his web site doesn't mention .

What does the search for Sushiwa I-II-III contain? Is all that footage in those dvd's?

Well classes are going well, hope to see you soon and thanks for taking some time to answer my questions

Hi Ovi: Thanks for pointing out this misake. I've received many similar letters from people with the mistake you mentioned a few others. I will correct them in my 50th anniversary publication. Sanseiryu will be in the new book as well, since it has been included in other publications after my book was released. That 30 minute video/dvd is in the store. Check out the 10, 11 and 12 Vidmag series. The "Search for Shushiwa is priceless. Tons of very interesting and historical information and lots of wonderful footage of a fast disappearing China. GEM

Looking for a Dojo!

Hello Sensei Mattson,

How are you? I am very interested in learning uechi-ryu. I work in Boston, and would like to know where you would recommend. Do you still teach in Newton?


Chris Nelson

Although I am only a "visiting" instructor now, the program in Newton is going full blast with our capable and highly talented senior instructors. Drop in any Saturday for both the 9am and 10am class. GEM

New Uechi Dojo!


I spoke with you months ago I believe I purchased one of your videos and you were asking for some tips on selling on Ebay. Anyway it has been a while but we have finally opened up our own dojo. We are located in Brentwood, CA and our Sensei, Justin LaVasse is a 15 year student of Sensei Alan Dollar. He has been teaching for over 6 years and has finally fulfilled his dream of opening up his own dojo. It is very traditional, in looks and instruction.

Our Grand Opening is this Saturday, February 5th and we are all very excited. I would like to find out how to be included in your dojo directory and joining the IUKF. If you would like, I can send you pictures of our new dojo.

Our dojo information is the following:

Justin LaVasse
7351-B Brentwood Blvd, Brentwood, CA 94513
925-634-4686 - website - email

Thank you!


Beautiful Dojo Bianca. I've updated our dojo listing to include your dojo. Good luck and stay in touch. GEM

I Can Appreciate John Graden's Feelings Regarding this Subject!

When Your Program Director Positions Himself as The Founder by John Graden [From latest issue of MATA]

As a Tampa Bay resident for nearly 40-years, my brothers and I suffered through what seemed like an endless curse of rooting for one of the worst teams in the history of the National Football League, The Tampa Bay Bucs.

In 1996, Tony Dungy came to town as our new coach. He rebuilt the team based first on character and then teamwork. The Bucs went from worse to first until he was released in 1999.

The next year, the new head coach Jon Gruden, took the team all the way to the Super Bowl. The first words out of his mouth when he accepted the Championship Trophy were, "I know I benefited tremendously from the foundation left by Tony Dungy and his great work with this team." It was a first class acceptance speech that echoed one of the most basic tenets of integrity:

"Give credit where credit is due."

The January 2005 issue of Martial Arts Professional was devoted to the massive impact and improvements NAPMA had on the industry in the ten years of its existence. There are pages of articles, histories, testimonials, guest columnists all touting how NAPMA had been the catalyst for the professional movement.

As the founder of Martial Arts Professional magazine, NAPMA and the ACMA (also lauded in the article), it was nice to see that my original vision, risks and hard work had done what I had planned which was to leave the martial arts industry in better shape than when I found it.

It was extraordinarily satisfying to see page-after-page of school owners who credited NAPMA with changing their professional lives and providing their families with a higher standard of living. It was odd though that some of the testimonials were years old and from people who have since cancelled their NAPMA membership. Still, it was clear my idea of helping people make martial arts a viable career had worked on a large scale.

I am by nature a teacher and nothing is more rewarding than to have your efforts recognized in such a high profile manner by so many of my peers. The only problem was, my name was nowhere to be found on any page. Like writing the Indians out of American history, I had been erased from the history of the organizations I created and built.

I took a huge risk by selling my schools to launch NAPMA against a sea of doubters, skeptics, and critics.

Though he has never owned a school nor any business of his own that I know of, I was happy to be able to give my former program director and now NAPMA "President" Rob Colasanti his job. I was also proud to give John Corcoran a job as editor of MAPRo. Yet, this 84-page magazine described a history that excluded the founder.

We've made a lot of progress in this industry over the past decade and I'm proud to have played a part in it. It was satisfying to be able to provide many of my friends, family and students, jobs at NAPMA, like Colasanti. I greatly appreciate all of their contributions over that decade. However, just like your student shouldn't take credit for creating and building your school, it's my hope that, despite this revisionist history, our industry doesn't recognize the program director as the founder.

To which I replied:

Hey John:

In spite of what is said, the facts remain the same. You are “the man”!

Move on. . . don’t look back. . . Let others follow.


George Mattson

and I received this reply from John:


Thanks George. MATA just broke 700 members, so we’re off to good start.


John Graden
Executive Director
Martial Arts Teachers’ Association

Love to teach, but hate to market?
MATA makes it easy.
Find out how at

From: IUKF Discussion Groups

When: March 15, 2005, 8:00pm-9:00pm EST

Where: IUKF Learning Center

Audience: IUKF Members


So, you want to open a martial arts school… Come join the discussion on opening a martial arts school. We will discuss the ins and outs of starting a school. From picking the right location to scheduling classes will be just some of the topics covered. In this open forum members will share experiences as well as suggestions for getting started.

All are welcome. The session is free. Limited to first 25 people who contact Board Member, Harry Skeffington to receive their username/password needed to attend.

Thanks Harry. This sounds like a great idea. I'll be there and hoping to see many of our M.A. friends there as well. GEM

News From Okinawa
Thanks to Gordi (Seizan) Breyette

Hello folks;

Guam is a US protectorate or territory (not sure).

This can be found on the Net at

Yes - this can happen in the USA, even in your state...


The Office of the Attorney General of Guam Guam Code Annotated

Previous: Title 9: Crimes and Corrections

Title 10: Health and Safety Division 3: Public Safety

10 GCA - HEALTH AND SAFETY Div. 3 - Public Safety Ch. 62 - Karate and Judo Experts - 2000 - p. _ PAGE _1_

Chapter 62

Karate and Judo Experts

§62100. Registration Required. §62101. Applicability. §62102. Registration. §62103. Fees. §62104. Definition: Karate or Judo Expert. §62105. Penalty. §62106. Effect of Registration.

§62100. Registration Required. Any person who is an expert in the art of karate or judo, or any similar physical are in which the hands and feet are used as deadly weapons, is required to register with the Department of Revenue and Taxation. SOURCE: GC §8960, as renumbered by P.L. 10-101.

§62101. Applicability. This Chapter shall not apply to duly authorized and appointed peace and law enforcement officers, nor to members of the Armed Forces of the United States. SOURCE: GC §8961, as renumbered by P.L. 10-101.

§62102. Registration. The Department of Revenue and Taxation shall register each karate or judo expert who applies therefor and shall keep a roster of such experts. On issuance of the registration certificate by the Department of Revenue and Taxation, the applicant shall bring such certificate to the License Division of the Department of Revenue and Taxation, which shall bill the applicant for the required fee. On payment of the required fee to the Treasurer of Guam, the Treasurer shall receipt therefor on the face of the registration certificate and return such certificate to the applicant. The registration certificate with the receipt of the Treasurer marked on the face therefor shall constitute evidence of registration. SOURCE: GC §8962, as renumbered by P.L. 10-101.

§62103. Fees. The fee for the registration of a karate or judo expert shall be Five Dollars ($5.00). Such registration shall be perpetual and need not be renewed. SOURCE: GC §8963, as renumbered by P.L. 10-101.

10 GCA - HEALTH AND SAFETY Div. 3 - Public Safety Ch. 62 - Karate and Judo Experts - 2000 - p. _ PAGE _1_

§62104. Definition: Karate or Judo Expert. A karate or judo expert required to register by the provisions of this Chapter shall be a person trained in the arts of karate, judo or other hand-to-hand fighting technique, whereby the hands, feet or other parts of the body are used as weapons, who shall have completed at least one level of training therein and shall have been issued a belt or other symbol showing proficiency in such art. SOURCE: GC §8964, as renumbered by P.L. 10-101.

§62105. Penalty. Any person required by this Chapter to register who fails to do so, or who registers but fails to pay the fee, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor. SOURCE: GC §8965, as renumbered by P.L. 10-101; amended by P.L. 13-187.

§62106. Effect of Registration. Any registered karate or judo expert who thereafter is charged with having used his art in a physical assault on some other person, shall upon conviction thereof, be deemed guilty of aggravated assault.

SOURCE: GC §8966, as renumbered by P.L. 10-101; amended by P.L. 13-187. __________

Trip to China!

Sensei Mattson
I was very excited to hear a group trip to China. Is there any information yet available? I believe we would have at least two people from PA that would be interested.

It sounds like you are enjoying Florida life, hope all is well. See you at summer camp.
Don Rapsinski

We've Been Waiting For This!

Hello All:

Starting on March 19th, 2005. The New England branch of the IUKF will be hosting a monthly Black belt instructor’s workout. We are bringing back this old New England Uechi Ryu tradition. Except this time around it will have some new and innovative changers to it.

The guidelines for attendance are very simple. All adult black belts, Shodan level or higher. Are invited and welcome to attend. Regardless of your organizational or group affiliation. All you need to be is a Uechi / Shohei Ryu Adult Black Belt.


Please read the outline of the class below.

  • There would be NO CHARGE for attending. The class is FREE.
  • The class will be held once a month at various dojo’s – Watch for schedule
  • The class will alternate days and times each month.
  • Class will be held on a Saturday one month, and on a Sunday the next month.
  • Each class will have a different Instructor leading the class.
  • The main emphasis of the class will be on just an old fashion work out.

Class Schedule: The First Class will be.

Saturday, March 19th – 2:00 to 3:30 pm – Location – Mike Murphy’s dojo Randolph, Ma.

Mike Murphy will be the first scheduled instructor.
There will be a different instructor each month leading the class.
I will post a complete schedule soon.

FAQ – Why are we doing this?

It gives us all a chance to share and exchange knowledge and viewpoint’s on Uechi Ryu and teaching skills. In a none political environment. Just a group of instructors and friends, who are working out together in one class. Exchanging ideas, and training techniques together to improve our own teaching ability and classes for our students. To learn from each other.

It is not a political venue or soapbox. No one will try to get anyone to leave his or her present affiliated organization, or teacher.

Who ever is leading the class that particular month will not be making any corrections on anyone. No one will be going around saying, do it this way, or do it that way, or what you are doing is wrong. No one will be criticizing or insulting anyone else. We will all work out together as friends.

It could give many a chance to learn some material that they have never seen before. IE: Sanseiryu Bunkai, Yakusaku Kumite, Grappling techniques. Whatever the material the scheduled instructor would like to include in the class. Here's a way to learn some new material that you could share with your students.

Last but not least - Who knows you may even make some new friends.

Please give some thought about attending. It will cost you nothing, other then time.

If I can answer any questions concerning this new instructors workout. Please contact me.

Thank you – Jay Salhanick

I had the pleasure of spending an evening with Hunter Thompson.

He was an intense individual and although his lifestyle was perhaps not one to emulate, he took everything to the limit. Good, bad or whatever, it is a perspective that is now lost. God Speed.

"The edge… there is no honest way to explain it because the only people who really know where it is are the ones who have gone over." Hunter S. Thompson

John Page

Anyone else remember Hunter? GEM

With advanced apologies to the British!

Advanced wedding pictures!