So You want to study Uechi-ryu!

dojo group picAbout 15 years ago I made a video tape that is still running on our Video Website. On this tape I predicted that web technology would soon enable teaching the martial arts on-line within five years!

Well, although the technology was available even before the five years prediction, few of the individuals who requested my help, had the computer equipment needed to accomplish this.



Today, people who wish to either supplement their dojo studies or lacking a local dojo, are able to progress through the ranks, enabling them to qualify for testing by a certified test board.

What equipment do you need to participate in this program:

How program works:

  1. Sign-up for an evaluation session with me. (Cost is $19.95, payable through Paypal or G&S secure store)
    1. This evaluation session includes a meeting with you on the Learning Center.
    2. Review of the features of the Learning Center
      • Telephone quality features of the site.
      • Ability to share documents and review the documents together.
      • Ability to view film clips together and review techniques, corrections and suggestions.
      • Capability to have students of same rank meet together for on-line classes.
      • Review all the features of your private workspace and how you will be able to use these programs to help you achieve your goals.
    3. During the first month you will receive:
Beginning with the 2nd month, your subscription will be upgraded to full membership. (Tuition is only $39.95 a month) Of course, your tuition subscription may be cancelled at any time.

Your full membership includes:

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