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Every year quite a few SummerFest participants request that "next year . . . how about an all-day session with (insert your favorite teacher) where I can spend some quality time with him/her working on a more personal, focused and detailed session."

I've made a few calls and so far, everyone likes the idea and are willing to spend an additional day in Plymouth, teaching a special half day or full day seminar.

The following teachers have agreed to teach on Thursday:

[This is a separate event and requires an "event" registration"

Please register today for the event of your choice at our secure store.

1. Roy Bedard : 10AM - 5PM Tuition $100

Roy will share with you the science of combat as understood by law enforcement officials and military professionals who regularly engage in life and death struggles. In a culture defined by periods of war, the combat sciences are one of the oldest in the world, yet they remain so exclusive to the warrior class that few have felt the need to learn or study this unique physiological phenomena of the life or death fight.

Roy Bedard is a recognized subject matter expert in police use of force and defensive tactics. He has provided expert witness consultations regarding self-defense in civil and criminal cases in Federal and State courts throughout the country.

A classical martial arts instructor and law enforcement professional for 25 years, Roy works with civilians and professionals who wish to learn more about and improve their abilities to defend themselves. He has instructed in college classrooms, conferences, seminars, training camps, police academies and military bases in the US and abroad.

Roy holds a bachelors degree in Criminology and Criminal justice from the Florida State University, recently recognized as the number one college of Criminology in the nation. He is a certified law enforcement officer and has worked closely with police agencies on five different continents. He currently works in a reserve capacity with the Tallahassee Police Department.

Roy is regularly sourced by national media including ABC news, CBS news, USA Today, network radio and dozens of periodicals representing his opinions in both law enforcement and civilian self-defense rules of engagement. He is an expert advisor for and is considered one of the top experts on this unique topic in the country .


2. Rory Miller: 10AM - 5PM Tuition $100

Eight hour class:
" Context of Self Defense
" Efficient Movement
" Fighting to the Goal
" Self-defense law
" Blindfolded infighting
" Leverage and Leverage points
" Violence Dynamics
Should cover it. Maybe counter-ambush depending on time. I'll need a DVD player and white board.

3 George Mattson : 10AM - 3PM Tuition $100
Morning session: Bunkai/kyu&dan kumite - Afternoon session: Uechi Kata

George will be spending the morning working on "core" Uechi-ryu, with emphasis on correct training methods and training secrets for insuring you will continue to enjoy your Uechi-ryu for a long lifetime! The afternoon session will be devoted to the "cooperative" drills used in Uechi-ryu, with emphasis on the important levels of study. . . from basics to advanced "scenario" methods of performing your drills.





4. Darin Yee: 10AM - 4PM Tuition- $100

Many say our grandmaster Kanbum trained solely in sanchin kata for 7 years. I've heard some skeptics questioned 7 years on such limited movements. From my 51 years of southern kung fu studies, my seminar will demonstrate numerous powerful and effective attacks and defenses through my sanchin bunki. My seminar will encourage you to think about every move you make. What is beneficial and what is not so much. You will examine the range of your motions and the use of position to gain strength. My seminar will introduce finest and compare this to strength. If all we can count on is strength, then those of us blessed with size and strength will always prevail. If what we are learning is actually an art, knowledge, understanding and training will conquer all.

5. Robb Buckland : 10AM - 4PM Tuition - $100 ]

We are looking for fitness enthusiasts and martial artists who are ordinary people with extraordinary determination. Learning is not about finding the best style; it's about finding the best instructors. The best instructor is someone who believes in you and gets you to believe in yourself.

(Lessons you learn in my classes will last a lifetime.)

I focus on two interrelated components that are the essence of one's self-esteem; the real source of self-confidence is self-efficacy and self respect. This experience from my classes is based on the functions of your mind, the method of how you think when you train to make decisions appropriately based on the type of opponent challenging you.

Confidence is not based simply on knowing what to do, but more so on knowing how to do it. Confidence is the component that bestows the power for one to elevate strong conviction in all their executions.

One of the best ways to build confidence in your game plan or to defuse it in your opponent is through developing movement skills.

Of all the physical attributes in martial arts, mobility is the key that makes all the others more effective. Mobility is an essential temporal component necessary to augment the totality of ones technical capabilities and it vitalizes the fighting spirit behind those skills.

Join me to learn and practice the most effective tactically based footwork drills ever to be introduced to fitness enthusiasts or martial artists. Get started working on what all other trainers will be copying in years to come.
Tuition includes a free t shirt
.............................................................Robb Buckland
FEARS Ltd “Art Meets Reality”


I hope you like the idea and will be supporting "The Special Event" at SummerFest!


George E. Mattson