April, 2005 Mailbag

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A Little Help from Our Friends!


I'll mention to the children students as well as nestor folta to see what the responce is on compitition ill be glad to bring as many as i can with me but i personally like the idea i only have about 15 children students but will try to bring out thier competetive spirits and let you know the outcome


Thanks shelly. I hope many more dojo will help out by encouraging their students and seniors to compete and help officiate at the Uechi-ryu New England Junior Championships on April 30th. (Yes, I know... Shampless Plug) :) GEM

Dear mr. Mattson,

We are a small uechi ryu karate club from Zagreb, Croatia (about 15 members). Recently we started to develop our own internet site about uechi ryu. So we searched the internet for pictures to incorporate on our web site. We came across your internet site (www.uechi-ryu.com) and in your picture gallery we found maybe the most beautiful representation of the uechi martial art. I';m talking about the picture with the tiger, dragon and crane that are pictured around a uechi ryu symbol on a black background. I';m aware that the picture is copyrighted so I was wondering if there is a possibility that we could use this picture on our web pages (on a smaller scale), with your permission of course.

I have to say that we don';t intend to use our site to gain any kind of profit as our club is a completely non profit organization. Our only purpose is to promote uechi ryu as a martialart in Croatia as this art is not well known here as other sorts of karate. I';m certain that your picture will add to the page visual appeal. Of course we intend to incorporate a link to your web pages which are full of interesting material about uechi ryu.

Yours sincerely,

Damir Grbac
10 000 Zagreb Croatia


Hi Damir:

I am very pleased to hear from you. Certainly you may use anything on my site to help build your site. In order to maintain my copyrights, please put on the page "picture used with permission of George E. Mattson".

If you send me more information on your dojo, I'll have it posted on our Dojo/instructor listing site.

Good luck and stay in touch.

Best, George


Dear mr. Mattson

We are very happy that you let us use your material. Soon we will send you more information on our dojo with the web link to our new web pages so you can see the final result. Unfortunately the page is in Croatian but I think that this won';t make a problem for a quick look to see the visual aspects of the page.

Thank you very much again mr. Mattson

Yours sincerely,

Damir Grbac


April Instructors' Workout

Hello All:

This is to let everyone know that the next New England Instructor’s workout class is schedule for Sunday April 10th at 10 am.

The workout will be held at Sensei Darin Yee’s dojo, located in Quincy Ma.

Sensei Darin Yee (6th dan), will be the scheduled instructor for the April workout.

Hope to see you at the workout.

Note EVERY ONE IS WELCOME (Uechi / Shohei Ryu Black belts).

You DO NOT need to be a member of the IUKF to attend, and there is no fee for the class.

Take care – Jay Sal.


Directions to Darin Yee's Dojo – Quincy.

Directions supplied by Darin Yee.

The directions are as follows.

Address - 30-33 Newport Avenue, Quincy, MA – Phone 617.773.8699

From all points: Get on the south/east expressway heading either to Boston or out of Boston. Drive to the Neponset Circle and Wallaston Beach exit. Get off at this exit and get onto the Neponset Street Bridge, over the water heading to Quincy. Once you are on the bridge, stay to the right side of the road. Take your first right you come to. This exit on the Bridge heads towards Hancock Street Quincy. When you drive off ramp, drive straight and you will see a Chinese restaurant on your right side. Take the first right just before the Chinese restaurant. This is Neponset Avenue. Follow Neponset Ave for about 1 mile. Look at the right side of the road for a bright blue building. The dojo is located on the second floor of this bright blue building. It’s the only blue building you will see. (Only blue building).

Note - Park in the parking lot of the 99 restaurant if need be. It should be okay.

SummerFest Letters

Hi George,

. . ..

I wanted to tell you about a great experience I have been having. The grandfather of one of my first grade students is a T'ai chi master in China. He gave a demonstration of a middle length form and a sword form for our class. It was amazing--smooth but very powerful. I could almost see waves of energy moving out from his hands. After his demonstration, I thanked him and mentioned my awe. I think he is in his eighties. He had his grandson translate for him that he was sorry he could no longer kick over his head. He can only kick to eye level. I repeated how wonderful his form was. He asked me if I wanted to learn T'ai chi. When I responded affirmatively, he told me to meet him at the playground three times weekly after school. Lizzy, who was assisting me in teaching, was included in the invitation/command. It has been humbling but very demanding to move so precisely and so slowly. (After our first class, Master Tian made the effort to tell Lizzy, in very broken English, that she had done well. He skipped praising me!) Master Tian brought one of his students to our lessons. The student, Anthony Esteban, studied with him in China for 6 years and is teaching math in West Roxbury. Tony has been studying snake and tiger kung fu for 46 years. He came last week to my class and demonstrated and taught my kids some kung fu. Again, awesome in his strength. Anyway, it is possible that Tony would be interested in coming to camp this summer. He could instruct and learn. Let me know if you would like me to introduce him to you.
. . .

Please give big hugs to Susan and a pat to Tia for me.

Nancy Gottlieb

To: gmattson@uechi-ryu.com
Subject: Re: News from Eastern Arts

Dear Mr. Mattson,

Thanks for the newsletter. Can you tell me how I sign up my son and myself for SummerFest?


Neil Weicher
Stamford, CT

Hi Neil:

I just uploaded this year's application. Please click on


and then the "application link" on the left/top frame. Although much of the other information is from last year's camp, most of the schedules and programs will be the same this year.

Looking forward to meeting you and your son in August.


Hi George,

Well......guess I won't be seeing you at the Hut. I'd love to come for a visit and work out in Eustis sometime if you don't mind. My son gets out of school in May. I think it would be a good experience before I take him to summerfest. Have fun at the Hut.

Mary Janson

Nice Things Said by Nice People!

Sensei George,

Just a quick update -

I received this on Monday, March 7, 2005.

I started watching the DVD and it is FANTASTIC. I really enjoyed and appreciated your analysis and explanation of breathing in San Chin. Also the Chinese weapons demonstration that Darren Yee and Sifu Wong presented was a very good class that contained alot of good information.

Thank you very much.

Jeffrey Wong

Thanks Jeffrey. Lots of controversy over breathing methods. I prefer the old way and so do most of my students. GEM

Mr. Mattson,

Is it true that you no longer teach at the hut on Saturdays? If so, I regret my missed opportunities. As always, I wish you well and thank you for the role you have, thus far, played in my life and training.

Frank Fichera

Well Frank. . . You can always visit my Florida dojo! :) GEM

Hello George-Sensei,

Hope you and Susan are well. I was saddened to hear about Al Moulton's passing. His presence at the Hut dojo was inspiring and his scholarly books on Uechi were as well. I also remember seeing his son progress at the hut.

My thoughts go out to his family...

I wanted to post a note about the recent achievements of a young man who got his introduction in the martial arts through me at Newton's Space Summer program. He then went on to train martial arts with others and eventually got his Uechi-Ryu black belt from Mike Aceto. Harry Kaspar is a Senior at Newton South High School now and has been involved in many sports but focused on wrestling in high school. This year he became Dual County League Champion at his weight class and Outstanding Wrestler of the tournament.

At the Sectional Tournament as Newton South he took third losing only to the eventual champion (loss was in double overtime). He went on to compete in the Mass. State Tournment. I believe he leaves his high school career as one of the best wrestlers NS ever produced. I saw the sectional tournament and can say he has the trademark Uechi-explosiveness not often seen.

This summer before going to college where he plans to continue wrestling, he is going to take over the SPACE Camp and try and continue the way of training for the next generation.

Best of luck, Harry Kaspar.

F lorida, sounds like the place to be. I have a friend in Orlando, so maybe I'll see you down there sometime.


Ethan Miller

Thanks for the update Ethan. Harry is an exceptional student and hopefully will make us all proud of him as he evolves as a teacher.

Hope to see you at the April tournament.


Sensei Mattson:

Thanks for the seminar, interview and party accommodations last Saturday! I visited Cape Canaveral on Sunday...what an experience! Took off at 7pm and got back to Michigan the following afternoon. It's snowing and 26 as I type. No fun.


Jim Gemmell
Grand Rapids, Michigan



Looking for a Dojo!

Hello Mr. Mattson,
I hope that things are going well for you. I was wondering is there any Uechi schools in the Phoenix Arizona area, I have a student who is looking to relocate out that way and was wondering. If you could let me know I would greatly appreciate it. To keep you updated with my school I will be going to the planning board on April 7th to see if it is a go hopefully things will go thru without any problems. Well I will talk to you soon
Neil Stone

Acceptance by a Master!

Hi Sensei,

Living between the U.K and Burmuda. is not easy; however, probably late now, but i would like to thank all those with best wishes and great accolades.

It is humbling and inspiring at the same time to be reccognised by your peers. Thanks again for the reccommendation.

It looks as though we will have at least 10# students comming along to the camp this year. There are a few of them who may be eligible for grading.

Please let me know the time requirements in grade between Shodan and Yondan, and also the grading fees.

I will confirm what's happening with that pending order soon.

Best regards,

Al Wharton

International Updates!

Dear Colleagues:

I just wanted to let everyone know that I’m back at the office; the flight from Munich was long, but without incident. Now I have to look through 137 emails! Not so bad for two days out of office.

Thanks again for the hospitality! I would like to thank Andreas, Paul and Helmut and for the work you (and your students) put in to make this historic combined Kenyukai-IUKF Dan-test the success it turned out to be. The after test party was also a lot of fun; I enjoyed getting to know the students on a more informal basis.

I look forward to doing this again in autumn in Regensburg (if there are sufficient candidates)!

Bruce Hirabayashi

Hi Bruce:

Pleased to see everything is working out so well in Germany. GEM

Subject: Toyama Sensei in Paris

Dear European / UK Zankai Friends, Members, and Family,

Hello from Nagahama, Okinawa. We hope you are all well.

Toyama Sensei was chosen by joint decision of the governments of Japan, England, and France to lead the Okinawan KarateDo Delegation at the Martial Arts Festival in Bercy, Paris France once again. He will choreograph and direct the Okinawan KarateDo demonstration as he did in 1997. Once again, Toyama Sensei and Shinjo Kiyohide Sensei will represent UechiRyu KarateDo.

The performance will be on Saturday 19 March, 1400 (2PM). The entire demonstration (all members of the Okinawan KarateDo Delegation) will last about 28 minutes (there will be several other demonstrations of various systems and styles from around the world). As the seniormost Okinawan Karate Master, Toyama Sensei will perform last.

He and the Okinawan delegation will depart Paris the next day for 2 days of touring and sightseeing in London, then back to Okinawa on 22 or 23 March.

There will be only one performance in Paris.

Sorry for the late news. We just received the itinerary this evening.

Hope you can make it!

Regards and good health to all.


Seizan and Sumako

Hi George,

We had the pleasure of working out with Dana Sheets last night. She was in San Diego on business and brought her gi. Paul Haydu called for a special work-out, as we usually do when there's a guest in town, and we enjoyed a nice work-out outside on the upper terrace of Paul's backyard. Yes, we were even thinking of our Uechi brothers and sisters in those cold places back east and up north.

Some of us Uechi seniors wonder about the future of Uechi in the next 10 - 20 years. Well not to worry. I think Dana, and others like her, are the future leaders of Uechi.

Jerry McDonald

Dear Sensei Mattson,

My name is Kamel HADDAK, I am 4 dan with my Sensei Takemi TAKAYASU in France. I known the Uechi-ryu is a big family it was the wish of Grand Sensei Kambun & Kanei Uechi my request is , I need to go in the middle east for my job ( I am working in MITSUBISHI Electric section Display Wall )
and I am searching a Dojo in this country .

If you can to help me in my search I will be very happy.

Thanks again

Best Regards


New Uechi-ka, class of 2010!

Hi everyone!

Well, we couldn't resist...We just had to introduce you to Rachel!

Hope you all enjoy the pics!


Cindy, Gary, Chaz & Rachel

Letters From Old Friends

Dear George and Susan:

Just back from two months in Mexico, living with Mexican friends and breaking up the grim NY winter. Evelyn has been studying Spanish, and wanted to apply what she's learned, and I wrote a magazine article while down there, and played guitar to my heart's content.

My book on Australia, "Greater Nowheres--Wanderings Across the Outback," which has been out of print for about 15 years, has just been republished by Nick Lyons Press, as you knew it would be. I know you have the original edition but I thought I'd ask the publisher to send you a copy in the hopes that you might be able to publicize it in your online newsletter. But I don't want to trouble you or intrude on your precious time if you've got better things to do, which I imagine you have, so I'll await word from you before contacting the publisher.

Best, Dave

Hi David,

I'll be sure to write a review this time. I really enjoyed your book as a hardcopy, first time around and very happy Lyons Press elected to republish it. GEM

Glad to hear you are enjoying the warmth of Florida. My parents are currently in Miami, and they enjoy visiting the state every year, especially during winter. I would like to thank you again for your support of my nomination for Maloney Sensei to the Nova Scotia Sport Hall of Fame.

Recently his name was resubmitted and a lot of people are currently working to see that he gets the recognition he so truely deserves. While doing research for the nomination, I was amazed at the extensive documentation on Jim at the Nova Scotia Public Archives. Equally impressive was the admiration and respect held by the sports writers for Jim, not only for his karate achievements but also the major influence he had in boxing. Canadian middleweight champion Ralph Hollett was a student of sensei Maloney. I can still remember seeing some of the best boxers in the country at the Granville St. dojo on weekends working out with our N.S. karate team. No wonder those guys were so tough.

The law-enforcement community especially had a great amount of respect and admiration ,as well as appreciation for the contributions and talents of
Sensei. On a personal note thanks for the info in the newsletter, my eldest daughter,Leah, and I enjoy the updates. Leah[sankyu] has been working out for 5 years under Sensei Dunnington and Sensei Hunt. She and I would like to someday attend Summerfest. One of her heros is my good friend Dan Keenan, probably the best natural martial artist i have ever met. I am proud to say that Halifax Nova Scotia is hosting the Canadian National Karate Championships at St. Marys University on April 7-9 of this year.We are looking forward to it. I will let you know how our team does.

All the best,
Matt Davies [nidan]

Dear Sensei Mattson,

It's so good to see your articles back on the web site. I'm glad you and Susan are getting settled in Florida and I hope you had a much warmer winter this year. There are many of us who were pretty envious as we thought of you in the sunshine during our snow storms.

All of us except Angela are working at different jobs now. Frank is at the police academy until April 18th and then will be working at the Cortez PD. I tried medical transcription for a few months through an internet company and really hated it so I'm back with the school district working at the High School. The factory that Gary was working for in Durango closed in November and he is now working for welding supply store here in Cortez. Lots of changes but all for the best.

The dojo is doing well and we are looking forward to putting several of our students up for Shodan in the fall, September or October. Would you be interested in traveling back to Colorado for the test? I know that you are trying to cut down on the traveling but, if you would be willing, we would love to have you here. Our students are still talking about your last visit. I think we will have five candidates for Shodan and we would like to visit with you about promotion for Frank, Angela, and me as well.

Give our regards to Susan.

Linda Diffendaffer

George Sensei,

I hope you and Susan are enjoying Florida. With the prospect of up to
8 inches of snow today in Maryland, I'd say you moved in the right direction!

Recently, I had a chance meeting with Manuel (Manny) Agrilla. We met by chance in a Starbucks nearby to me over nothing to do with martial arts. We got to talking about something else unrelated and eventually we got to that subject. Anyway he sends his regards to you.

Otherwise, things are going very well here in Maryland. Keep well and stay in touch.

Rik Lostritto

Old Friends Gone, But Not Forgotten!


For those of us who had the privilege of knowing Rad Smith, his widow Reena send me attached invitation to see his poems being exhibited for the first time in Newton, on March 31st.

Very few people know that Rad was a poet in addition to an excellent Uechi practitioner.


Enrique Mitman



Good Deeds by Uechi friends!

Subject: Chrsitopher's Haven May 8th

Greetings Friends!!

We are going full speed here at Christopher's Haven! On May 8th(evening of Mother's Day) we have a great fundraising treat.

Country Super Star Tracy Byrd and Zona Jones will be performing at Andover Country Club for Christopher's Haven

Kevin Millar,of the World Champion Boston Red Sox, will be signing autographs and doing picture ops. and a great dinner will be served.

The reason I'm writing to you is that we do have a few VIP spots. All tickets will be $200.00. Please let me know if you would like to attend! The press and radio ads for this start next Monday and I wanted you folks to have the first dibs. Also watch for me in the Up-coming "Fever PItch" wth Jimmy Fallon and Drew Barrymore


4:00-5:30 cash bar/cocktails

5:30-700pm dinner

7:00-8:00pm Live music with Tracy and Zona

8:00-9:00pm Meet and Greet with photo's and Autograph's with Kevin Millar, Tracy Byrd,Zona Jones

There will be a formal announcement next week however wanted you guys to have first option.

Any questions please don't hesitate to call or email. Dan.Olsen@gmail.com

or : (888)901-KIDS Christophershaven.org


Hi George,

How are things in Florida. I was just in Disney with my neice and father and the weather was very nice. we are still looking for appropriate housing for our 'Christopher's Haven families' and hope to be making a bid on some soon. Also planning on another trip to Hong Kong in the near future and I'll spend some time with Bob Campell too.

Hope you are well and greetings from Boston.

Dan Olsen
Christopher's Haven

Forum Feedback!

Mr. Mattson,

I just finshed reading the article "The Test!" in the Forum.
It sounds like a good way of testing.
I could not stop thinking about "Inspector Clusseau" and his sidekick "Kato".
I just wanted to tell that it is a very good way of testing.

Take care of yourself.

Charles Roberts

Thanks Charles. The "Test" post turned out to be quite interesting. Actually, I wasn't planning of ruining 30 people's SummerFest, playing a game that would drive the participants crazy. I got my point across, which is all I had intended all along. GEM


Interesting discussion going on about rotation exercises. I sent the link to my friend who is a uechi yondan and orthopedic surgeon in Florida, (operated on my knees finding that I needed the replacements) asking his take on the exercises. Without getting too technical he said 'they are useful because they key in proprioreceptive responses before the start of other types of exercise' . Everything should be done in moderation and not take to extremes. Jeff asked how he can respond to the posts. It would be nice to get his prospective as a ortho surgeon. As I read, I experienced in Okinawa a much slower warming up session giving the body adequate time to slowly stretch and react to the exercises being done. What I see here in many dojo is a marathon warm up session with the class leader hurrying through the exercises to get them done. I have taught Sr. classes where I took the exercises to a snails pace and with great results.
Anyway, you will experience a much better stretch in Florida with your body relaxed and warm.

Everyone at my dojo is getting itchy for spring and preparing for the tournament. I am being asked by parents when the applications will be sent out. I have posted the web info etc so everyone is informed about the new location.. . .

See you in April. Steve

Proprioception refers to the connection between the brain and every structure in the body - a relay of information about "where the body is in space" - it is something like hand-eye co-ordination. When you run on uneven surfaces, your proprioceptive responses prevent your foot from turning too much to the outside, or inside, and when you twist your ankle, this response 'catches' your foot before the muscles, tendons and ligaments are stretched beyond recovery. Particularly in the case of an injury, these communication channels need to be re-established to prevent further injury to the weakened area.

Hey Steve…

Thanks for the information. Its nice to get “approval” for what we do once in awhile! J

I’ve been doing these exercises forever and feel they have helped me remain in good shape. However, many of my students have had knee/hip/ankle problems and I now am not sure how much my training was responsible in some way for their condition.

Hope you don’t mind if I post this, giving you credit for sending it to me.



PS I’m making up dojo kits now for the tournament and will get one to you asap.


Subject: more on balance from Steve Banchick

Great exercises to improve balance for "the older crowd"

Sadly, we only refine our proprioceptive responses and balancing skills in the physiotherapy room following an injury. But, incorporating these exercises into your daily routine will prevent weaknesses and injury by teaching and enforcing correct body positioning and neuromuscular control.

Proprioception Exercises
SINGLE LEG STAND: Stand on one leg. Do not lock your knee but keep it slightly bent with the kneecap aligned over the middle toes of the foot. Alternate legs. Increase difficulty by slightly moving up and down. Work up to 2 minutes on each leg. To be done without shoes.
AEROPLANE: Stand on one leg as in the previous exercise, but now FLY like an aeroplane. Extend your arms out like wings and move your body forwards, backwards and sideways. Focus on maintaining your balance. Work up to 2 minutes on each leg. To be done without shoes.
UNSTABLE SURFACE: Perform the above two exercises but try standing on an unstable surface: a wobble board, sprint mattress, trampoline or a pile of pillows. Allow the body to correct itself naturally and don't hold on to anything to steady yourself. Work up to 2 minutes on each leg. To be done without shoes.
CROSSING OVER FEET: Walk sideways like a crab by crossing one leg in front and then behind the other, keeping your feet facing forward. Find an open area where you can run sideways for at least 10 steps. As your co-ordination improves, try running. Work up to 5 minutes. With or withour shoes.
HOP-ALONG: On one leg, practice these three exercises. A) Hop from left to right. B) Hop forward and back. C) 'Draw' an upsidedown triangle as you hop from your starting position (green dot).

It is not necessary to hop fast. Rather concentrate on hopping lightly while maintaining your balance and an upright posture. Look ahead and not down. As your ability improves, increase the distance between your landing points, really get those ankles and muscles working. To be done without shoes.

Balance is a much needed skill on foot - for when you're scrambling over tricky terrain - and on a mountainbike. Especially when you're jumping, you need to feel confident in your ability to leap from one point to the next, maintaining your balance as you land.

Thanks Steve:

Please have your doctor friend read Bill Glasheen’s very quick response to his suggestions. Very interesting subject focusing on old ways vs what we know today. Should we hang on to the old ways, simply because they are part of an overall “art” or should we modify as we learn more about our bodies and health issues.




Had to share this picture that I took yesterday at an Easter hunt that was put on by "special times for special kids" It was at Fort Casey and they had made a special area just for kids in wheelchairs and when we got over to it my daughter Jess noticed this rabbit sitting by the plastic eggs! We were able to get everyone to see it before the bunny decided that his work was done and hopped along home. Wish it was a better picture - but how often do you get a picture of a true Easter bunny butt????





With Apologies to all Blondes

Tom, a handsome dude, walked into a sports bar around 9:58 PM. He sat down next to this blonde at the bar and stared up at the TV.

The 10:00 news was on. The news crew was covering a story of a man on a ledge of a large building preparing to jump. The blonde looked at Tom and said, "Do you think he'll jump?"

Tom says, "You know, I bet he'll jump."

The blond replied, "Well, I bet he won't."

Tom placed a $20 bill on the bar and said, "You're on!"

Just as the blonde placed her money on the bar, the guy on the ledge did a swan dive off the building, falling to his death. The blond was very upset and handed her $20 to Tom, saying, "Fair's fair. Here's your money."

Tom replied, "I can't take your money, I saw this earlier on the 5 o'clock news and so I knew he would jump."

The blond replies, "I did too; but I didn't think he'd do it again."

Tom took the money ...


Not Sure if this is funny!


Hi There,
I am sending this E-mail out to competitors, parents, coaches, officials, and instructors in hopes of getting information that will help us serve those who support us (or not) in an educated and informed manner.

We started the WSKF with the idea of making changes that would promote Sport Karate in a positive manner, promote the concept of "building a better Sport Karate future", and of building a Natioanal/International League that that we could proudly call "The Competitors League".
All the individuals that made this notable leap into thin air (at least that's how it's felt) I hope are at least recognized for the efforts we have made and the dedication we have shown. (I think we can even take some of the credit for influencing other Leagues for some of the positive changes they have made in their organizations in 2004. Competition is good!)

The first year has been a tough one, but we knew it would be. I'm sure it will be quite a few seasons before we feel we're not trudging uphill against the wind.
I'm attending a meeting this weekend where we will be making and implementing decisions for our finals, scheduled in July of this year in New Orleans, and changes that we will be making in our 2006 season (the 2006 season will begin in August of this year).
I'd like to give you an opportunity to be apart of this meeting and these decisions by answering a few of the following questions and by adding any input that might want to share with us.
1. What motivates you to go to a National or Regional event and compete?
2. Why do you follow or support the current Sport Karate League you do? (Please list the Leagues you support and the primary reason why.)
3. What changes would you like to see made in the future WSKF League.
4. What changes would you like to see made in the future WSKF end of the season finals?
5. List any input or suggestions not covered in the above questions.
Please take a couple of minutes to give me your feedback so that I can present it at our board at the meeting this weekend. Your opinions and suggestions are incredibly valuable. I will be leaving late Thursday evening and hope to hear from you before then.
Thank You for taking the time and effort to better the future of Sport Karate.
My Best,

Barbie Dickinson
The Las Vegas LEGACY Internationals
"Where The Champions of Today Become the LEGENDS of Tomorrow"
September 2-4 2005
Henderson, NV 89012