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The following videos are just a small representation of what is possible through the training and implementation of Black-Belt Medicine.

Mary:  A professional Massage Therapist, Mary survived a traumatic motorcycle accident which left her with multiple broken bones and in constant need of "pain killers", until she found the benefits of Black Belt Medicine!

Bud:  A retired Pepsi driver, Bud suffered from unmanageable diabetes and the effects of "peripheral neuropathy"...Watch to find out how the application of Black Belt Medicine has changed his outlook and his ability to function!

Iris:  A resident of Chicago, Iris tripped on the sidewalk and hit the concrete with her face!  Watch how Black Belt Medicine helped her recover from this devastating injury!

The history and following testimonials offer a "real-life" look into how the ancient system of Traditional Oriental Medicine, combined with cutting-edge technology is being used to treat pain and chronic illness.

Be sure to watch what people are experiencing with the use of this incredibly powerful, simple, cost-effective and safe system.

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Partial List of Health Conditions that have been helped
using Black Belt Medicine

Ankle Pain (Inner Side) Ankle Pain (Outer Side) Asthma (Difficult Breathing) Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD & ADHD) Bedwetting Blocked Nose (Nasal Congestion) Bronchitis Calf Pain Chest Couth (Croup) Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Cold Sores (Herpes Simplex) Colic Common Cold Constipation Diarrhea Dizziness, Earache Elbow Pain (Inner Side) Elbow Pain (Outer Side) Endometriosis Eye Twitching Fever Finger Pain Gall Bladder Pain Gout Gum Inflammation Headache (Cranial) Headache (Frontal) Headache (Occipital) Headache (Temples) Heel Pain Hemorrhoids/Piles Hip Pain Incontinence Indigestion Irregular Menstrual Cycle Jaw Pain Knee Pain (Inner Side) Knee Pain (Outer Side) Knee Pain (Top) Laryngitis Lower Back Pain Menopausal Syndrome Nausea Neck Pain Neck (Stiff) Night Terrors (Infant) Palpitations (Heart) Pink Eye (Conjunctivitis) Poor Circulation (Legs & Feet) PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome) Prostatitis Pulled Hamstring Restless Leg Syndrome Shortness of Breath Shoulder Pain (Front) Shoulder Pain (Back) Sinusitis Sciatica Shin Pain Shingles Stomach Ulcer Sty Teething Tinnititus (Ear Ringing) Toe Pain Tonsillitis Toothache Upper Back Pain Vomiting Wrist Pain (Carpal Tunnel) Wrist Pain (Outer Side)

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