Jul 20 2014

SummerFest Final Schedule for Friday!

gem and girlsSummerFest 2014 Information Sheet & Friday’s Schedule
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Rory Miller, who has become a regular at the camp, is going to be with us all three days and will be teaching a number of seminars on Friday and Saturday. Sunday, Rory will be conducting his first Summerfest “Event” If you didn’t preregister and would like to attend, Rory will be pleased to let you join the group. 

You may register and pay Sunday morning—9AM—$125

This year we will be experimenting with a new way of organizing the seminars. On Friday, where fewer people attend, there will be one seminar held every hour that will be conducted by a senior presenter. Other teachers in attendance will be asked to occupy the other stations and critique kata or simply meet and greet participants, answering questions and signing autographs.

On Saturday, where we anticipate a very large attendance, all ten stations will be activated for every session. Presenters may select any station to conduct their seminars from, with the understanding that they must relate their seminar to the station category.  This will provide participants an opportunity to schedule their day based on what seminars they wish to attend. There will be stations that will attract more than one presenter. Although the senior presenter will determine how the session will be run, the other teachers will be asked to assist.

Sunday 9am—11:30am—George Mattson and senior instructors will be available to review kata or work on any other Uechi-ryu area that students would like to cover.

Friday’s Schedule of events

9-10AM—Welcome Address by George Mattson and coverage of his three levels of Sanchin performance. Emphasis on “core” principles of Sanchin and the importance of in-depth understanding of these principles as student advances through the ranks.

10-11:30AM– Welcoming Uechi-ryu Traditional Class by Darin Yee. Emphasis will on developing an understanding of Uechi-ryu as an Okinawa fighting system, preserved and evolved from Kanbun Uechi’s experiences studying at least three fighting systems in China. Darin’s class will be highlighted with examples of how Uechi-ryu is related to those Chinese systems and how this understanding can expand your knowledge and performance of your art.

11:30am—1pm — Lunch Break

1pm—2pm —- Art Rabesa will be featured this hour. In Art’s words. . .

“A good game to play in the class. Students pick a movement from any kata. Look at that movement carefully. Go over it quickly. What do you see? What does it mean to you? There is something there that you might have over looked. There is a meaning in every movement of every kata. Let’s pull it apart and see what it means. All my strikes come right from the kata. I steal everything I do from whats already there. I refer to it as cheating, because its given to us, all we have to do is use it “

2pm—3pm —- Jim Maloney will be featured this hour.

Here is an outline of my seminar at  Uechi-ryu SummerFest. I will be teaching the primal application of offensive moves from our kata. In today’s society self-defense is considered too slow a response to a violent attack. We need to understand how to preempt the attacker’s thoughts and actions. I’m looking forward to sharing some reality training with my uechi brothers and sisters. See you there,                                                                           Jimmy

3pm—4pm—— Rory Miller will be featured this hour.

This weekend, I’m going to work on three areas of self-defense:

1: Joint Locks. Done this one before and it’s been popular.

Taught properly, joint locks are not complicated. Using a principles-based teaching methodology, I will get you improvising locks under pressure. Don’t learn locks, understand them.

Fighting by touch. Touch is faster than sight, it is harder to fool. Often, bad things happen too close to use your eyes and too fast to think. Blindfolded work helps you to bypass the slower cognitive brain.

3: Structure and Infighting (New material) Manipulating the threat’s structure and using your own structure in close fighting.

Sunday I will have a lot more time to get into these subjects in detail and help students and teachers incorporate them into their martial art training.

4pm—5pm—- John Hwee will be featured this hour.

Thank you again for the honor of being a part of your Summer-fest Instructor Team.  As I mentioned in our conversation, I have found over the years of teaching practitioners from many different styles that people will be able to retain and adapt the techniques being taught more easily if it is presented in concert with the way their particular style has been taught and learned.

In other words I will share techniques and concepts that will focus on joint locks, pressure points, trapping and chokes that are already in the Uechi Ryu system but offering them from a different perspective that blends in with the way the practitioner instinctively moves instead of trying to change their natural reflexes.

Additionally we will work on street-fighting concepts on how to avoid a full speed attack while defending, countering and closing the distance gap simultaneously.  I have found these street fighting concepts to be particularly useful against an attacker that is usually very powerful like the Uechi Ryu practitioner.

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Jul 18 2014

SummerFest Final Schedule for Saturday!

canada sfest picFriday’s schedule has been posted on the home page.

Saturday’s schedule is complete and ready to be viewed and/or printed. Still a few more days to pre-register and save money! Best,

                                                        George E. Mattson


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Jun 26 2014

What a Stellar Group of SummerFest Presenters this year!

Uechi-ryu Event of the Year!

JULY 10th, 2014 Update

I just updated this year’s Scheduling and Information sheet. We are going to be running the seminars in a new and hopefully innovative manner. I’ll be sending out a general newsletter to all my mailing list this weekend. If you haven’t received a newsletter from me in the past couple months, chances are you aren’t on my list. Be sure to send me an email with your name and email address and I’ll make sure you become a member of my general newsletter mailing list. This year is shaping up to be another fantastic event. I hope you are planning to attend. I promise that you will have a great time and will learn a great deal about Uechi-ryu and other compatible martial arts.






After the 2013 SummerFest, I sent out a survey that resulted in over 125 replies. The survey listed all the seminars categories we offered that year. I asked the camp participants to rate them 1-10, based on their interest in the subject and desire to take the class. (10 being the rating of most interest, 1 the least) I wasn’t surprised to learn that self-defense topics were the most popular and was surprised to learn that there was very little interest in exercise categories.

I received quite a few “suggestions” that we have fewer seminars every hour. Participants didn’t like having to choose between five or six seminars, when they wanted to attend all of them!

So this year I am going to try a couple of new and different ways to run our SummerFest event. Friday, because of the smaller attendance, we will be featuring only one major seminar every session. Presenters that are not conducting a seminar will be available at the training stations to provide instruction or answer questions.

Saturday, which is always super busy, will be run in a more conventional manner. Because of all the super Presenters available for seminars and only five sessions, we will probably have five or six seminars scheduled for each hour. I’m working on the schedule and will post it soon.

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Jun 18 2014

SummerFest Notes. . .

darin yee 5-18-08-BJust got back from teaching seminars at the World Cup held in Miami this year.  In 2016 it will be hosted by Columbia.  Already have been invited to teach by the host country and I plan to make the trip. I’ve noticed a lot of differences between what is expected in these international tournaments and what we accept and look for here in the northeast.  I think that will be the focal point of my seminars this year at the SummerFest held the first week of August on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd at the Jungleplex here in Plymouth, MA.  Very interesting and beneficial to our training and teaching. I will also be running the children’s program as I’ve done these past 3 years.  Every year, we have a different program and every year, the children have a great time.  The children’s cost for 6 hours training is $50 per child.  That is less than $10 an hour for fun filled exercises, training related games and a memorable day.  The cost for IUKF Jr. members is $35 per child.  Please apply another $5 discount for early enrollment by registering and paying through the store or by USPS the same as adults. Check the website for details.  Early enrollments must be received by July 10, 2014. (Juniors only) Also be informed “children’s” enrollment fee does NOT include camp tee shirts, drinks or food. Last year, the children jumped, ran, stretched, kicked, punched, sparred and competed in our lighting rod challenge.  They had so much fun no one wanted to end at 3pm.  Instead of teaching my seminar at 3pm, I stayed with the children for another 2 hours. This year, please consider talking up this event for the children in your dojo.  I think they will have so much fun, I may have to keep thing going to 5 pm again.  No promises.  We’ll see. This program was designed for 9am to 3pm with an hour break for lunch at 12 noon.  Parents can pack their lunches.  They can purchase drinks from the machines at the Jungleplex or parents may take their children out to one of the 6 nearby restaurants. Please ask your little students to bring their sparring gear (hand pads, feet pads, head protection, mouth piece, jock strap with cup and chest pad if so desire,  as we will go through sparring techniques in middle speed.  The gear is just a precaution.  I have taught children sparring since 1970 beginning at Mattson Academy on Cambridge Street and no one has ever been injured.  If they don’t have gear, I will have extra with me.  No guarantee the sizes would be a perfect fit and they have to share.  Would be better if they have their own sparring equipment. Hope to see you and your little ninja at SummerFest this year.  They will have a memorable time. Darin Yee

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May 23 2014

IUKF Update. . .

gempicIUKF has been growing very quickly. Our new site administrator has made great progress re-designing and updating the black belt registry of rank and honors. The old registry has been one of our site’s most popular feature, accessed by thousands of people checking on their rank or others. Now that our registry is being incorporated into other style sites, it is likely that the registry will become the most recognized and accredited repository of traditional martial art rank and honors.

In the process of moving the names and ranks from the old registry to the new one, it is possible that some records might have been overlooked, so please check to make sure all of your ranks and titles are recorded. . . regardless of your style or organization. All existing records will be revised and updated and of course, all IUKF ranks are automatically listed.

Our new www.iukf.net website is almost completed. Recent board meeting changes will be incorporated into the new site and revised membership fees and dan test information will be updated at the end of June and will be in effect on July 1st.

Remember that you can join IUKF and schedule your Black Belt tests by going to www.iukf.net and clicking on one of the two arrows. Membership and dan test administrators will send you requested information and will help you with any question you might have.

Christion Maine is chairing a dojo membership committee. Christian will be very pleased to talk with any teacher or dojo owner about all the benefits in becoming an IUKF member dojo. Contact Christion at: whitemountainkarate@roadrunner.com .

Of course, all you Canadians can get in touch with IUKF-Canada by sending David Mott an e-mail at david@davidmottmusic.com .

Within the next couple days, we will have special Eastern Arts Forums for IUKF-Cuba and IUKF-India. I hope you will drop in to their forums to say hello.


George E. Mattson

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May 15 2014

New “Rank & Honors” Registry

new-registry-picMany thanks to the Uechi-ryu.com site administrator for all his hard work and perseverance in creating our new Rank and Honors Registry and. . . transferring the thousands of existing entries from the old Registry. . . in spite of the many technical and programming problems he faced.


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May 01 2014

2014 SummerFest

Summerfest 2013  432014 What – When – Where
32nd Anniversary Martial Arts SummerFest Conference

Receive a 10% discount for applications received before July 1st!

NOTE: From Susan:
Application deadline through the store is July 21st.

After July 21st, you must pay late fee at the door!
Cash only.
See you August 1st (Friday)

Click Here to Register and pay with credit card on our secure server

To mail-in registration and payment
Click Here to print out an application form

Click Here to view the Presenters Listing

Draft copy of SummerFest schedule Here (Although this is last year’s schedule, and the 2014 schedule can’t be completed until I hear from all presenters, last year’s schedule will give you a pretty accurate picture of the seminars that will be available.)

 The “Event”, featuring George E. Mattson, Thursday, July 31st

The “Event”, featuring Rory Miller, all day Sunday, August 3rd.

*****Registration for this event is independent of SummerFest!******

SummerFest-2014: Friday, Saturday & Sunday, August 1st, 2nd & 3rd
JuniorFest: Saturday, August 2nd (10am-4pm -with lunch)

JunglePlex located in Plymouth, MA. (Directions)

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Apr 29 2014

IUKF seminar in Cuba

Dear Sensei George Mattson.
Some pictures Sensei’s teacher Hector Gonzalez of Argentina. 9 th Dan and 6th Dan Karate Kobudo. In a seminar I gave last week here in Cuba.
A hug.
Noslem M. Torres

4-29-2014-001 4-29-2014-002

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Apr 18 2014

What “Can be” . . . when people work Together!

Buzz Durkin and his senior students, celebrate their organization’s 2014 Black Belt promotions
What a week! What a great group of seniors and students. I was so honored and proud to be part of this historic event. . .

nh celebration group picture

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Mar 27 2014

More Archives discovered


As we continue to work on the Uechi-ryu site following the move to a new server, we have been discovering quite a few new-old treasures that I will be sharing with everyone:

Check out the Bugeisha articles and others at ISSUU Publications.

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