Oct 20 2014

New Belt Pins – Available Soon!


These very special pins, with a screw-back, have been out of stock for many years. I discovered the original art work for these pins during a storage unit visit and decided to have them recreated in a new 1″ diameter size and a 3/8″ screw-post. (To ensure a secure attachment.)

Retail price, only $15 for both pins.



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Oct 20 2014

Shigeru Takamiyagi Passes. . .

Dear Brothers and Sisters

shigeru takamiyagiOn behalf of myself and the International Uechi-Ryu Karate Federation (IUKF), I offer our most heartfelt sorrow on hearing about the death of Shigeru Takamiyagi Sensei.  He was a brilliant man of many talents and spent a lifetime developing his craft.  Much of what he taught has in some way influenced our Uechi-Ryu Communities today.  The spirit of Sensei Takamiyagi will live on with those who continue to train in his teachings.

Darin Yee Sensei

8th dan, Vice President IUKF

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Oct 14 2014

Tournament Seminar Series

Judging seminarThank you very much for attending our timekeeper, scorekeeper and corner judging seminar.  We are striving to make our tournaments as fair, impartial and enjoyable as possible for all our students.  I also want our judges to understand tournaments are not a “must win” for our personal dojos.  We are all Uechi-Ryu and we wish the best for all involved.  I also do not want to see the reversal of these sentiments.  All competitors coming up to compete are just another student hopeful.

I have all your individual addresses but I think I’m just going to send your certificates to your dojos and you can pick them up there.  We now have you on our registry and we will email, call and contact you through all contacts we have on file when there are tournaments.  We will only list and rely on your services if you return either an email or letter through US postal.  At my age, I don’t want to rely on my memory.

Another bit of information I would like to pass along is I will announce every seminar we are holding in case you may want to redo any of the different seminars. Getting more practice is always a good thing.  Because the intention is not to make money from your attendance but rather to create better judged, there will be no charge for any seminars you have already paid and attended.  However, there will be charges for next level seminars.

The next timekeeper, scorekeeper and corner judging seminar will be held at 117 Great Road, Stow, MA, 01775.  The dojo is located in the Stow Shopping Center.  The time is Saturday October 25 at 3pm.  We’ll get done just in time for dinner.  If you decide to attend, please bring your material already passed out to you ate the seminar in Brockton.  If you don’t have it, I’ll have more.  Let me know so I can prepare.

The Center judge seminar is next.  You can not advance to the “center Judge” seminar until you have completed the
timekeeper, scorekeeper and corner judging seminar.  Place and time to be determined.

Darin Yee

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Sep 12 2014

Dojo Ownership



Uechi Ryu Black Belts,


Have you ever thought about taking the next step in your Uechi Ryu training and possibly opening your own Uechi Ryu school?


If you imagine having a large school or a small dojo,  the IUKF can help support and guide you in your dream of being a dojo owner. The IUKF was formed in 1975 for a multitude of reasons including assisting dojos in their business needs and teachings of the art of Uechi Ryu.


Grand Master George Mattson started teaching in Boston, MA in 1958. Along with being the first Uechi Ryu teacher in the United States, he quickly grew Mattson Academy into a thriving dojo business. Today, many of his senior students run their own schools all over the world.


The IUKF can help you grow your Uechi dojo or even start a new dojo from ground zero including providing structure, experience, ranking and many other tools that will enhance your school.


The following is a list of some of the many benefits and reasons why you should consider aligning your dojo with the IUKF.


  • The IUKF is headed and lead by Grand Master George E  Mattson, Tenth Dan.

  • The IUKF is a world-wide organization that consists of regional Uechi-Ryu dojos that conduct black belt grading twice a year.

  • IUKF Dojo Committee, a committee of dojo owners.

  • Grading and testing is based on International standards in the Black Belt Test Guide interpreted and clarified by the IUKF Rules Committee.

  • Two international  training camps held every year with master ranking and testing.

  • Regional training.

  • Both internationally recognized Kyu and Dan certificates.

  • Uechi Ryu title certificates.

  • Monthly newsletters.

  • Online monthly trainings.

  • Online Teacher meetings.


For more information go to www.IUKF.net or contact Christian Maine of the IUKF Dojo Committee.


Christian Maine

IUKF Dojo Committee Chairman




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Sep 05 2014

IUKF Seminar


On behalf of the IUKF Dojo committee I am very excited to announce that Grand Master George Mattson will be conducting a seminar for the IUKF Dojos and IUKF members on Saturday Nov 8th from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm. Owner Sensei Peter Pippos of Peter Pippos Karate Center in Acton Mass will be hosting the event at his beautiful 8,000 sf school. Sensei Pippos is not only a proud member of the IUKF he is a student of Sensei Mattson and a IUKF dojo committee member. Cost for IUKF members is $50.00. Please make sure to  RSVP or for more info or any questions please email Sensei Pippos or myself at the following email address. See you on the training deck.


Peter Pippos Karate Center

3 Post Office Square

Acton, Mass, 01720


Christian Maine

IUKF Dojo Committee Chairman




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Sep 02 2014


A Sensei’s powerful teaching Technique
By Ray Hughes


Ray Hughes

Ray Hughes

In the mid-eighties and teaching for roughly ten years, I realized that my teaching technique was not as effective as I wanted it to be. My school was doing fine, but I wanted better results.

As I started wrestling with this dilemma, I began with the assumption that I responded to instruction the same as most people. I reflected on which teaching techniques turned me off and which teaching philosophies motivated and inspired me.

During the 70’s and 80’s there were two distinct types of instructors. The majority, both Japanese and American, were very condescending in their instruction. They knew all and wanted everyone to know it. They expected you to obey. The minority, however, were wise instructors who came across humble, seemed to have the student’s interest in mind, and delivered their message in an unusual, distinct manner. They not only taught karate technique, they also taught philosophy.

It was at this time I realized that what I thought was a unique personal trait was actually a generic
human trait; that trait was “no one liked to be told anything.” Though I knew I was worse than most, it was still a powerful enlightenment.

These condescending instructors were going against this human nature. Though there were those few students who happily followed like sheep, most grudgingly tolerated their instruction. These instructors used power and fear to maintain their base; obviously not conducive to keeping many students long term. In addition, a negative by-product was developed – similar type instructors. Many of which still exist today.

The great teachers did not go against this natural instinct. In addition, they used “self-disclosure” when teaching karate technique and philosophy. This combination was extremely powerful. Rather than “telling” people what to do per se’, they would describe the technique the way “they” understood it and what they did to develop it. They did not talk negatively about other styles and instructors. When discussing philosophy, they would talk about how they handled similar past problems or situations the students were experiencing at that moment. They would disclose what worked and what didn’t work. They would give pointers on how they would have handled it differently; resisting giving advice.

This teaching philosophy resonated well with the students. Martial art students already knew humility was a part of the art. These teaching techniques showed the students that the teacher was humble and it created empathy for the instructor. Knowing the instructor had already experienced what they were now experiencing brought down the walls of resistance to learn new things. The students wanted to  follow. Isn’t this an example of what the term “Sensei” means, “one who has gone before”? All of us are not karate teachers, but we are all teachers in one form or another. This teaching philosophy of “self disclosure” and not going against the human nature of “not wanting to be told anything” has been proven in all fields. This philosophy works well in parenting.

The wise teacher understands that no one wants to be told anything, knows that everyone must experience and make mistakes, and leads but does not force. The wise teacher knows he is not better than the student; simply a person who has made more mistakes over a longer period of time. The wise teacher is truly a “Sensei”.

We must all strive to be wise teachers.

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Aug 10 2014

What a great SummerFest!

I wish to thank all of you who attended and supported this year’s martial arts SummerFest making it one of the most successful events since it was first created in 1983. Also thanks to all of you who sent me email expressing how much you learn and enjoyed the event. Certainly one of the most memorable email was from Lisa Tanner and I hope she won’t mind the reprinting of here. Perhaps some of you who elected not to attend camp this year will change your mind after reading Lisa had to say about she felt about attending


Dearest Sensei Mattson

Lisa Tanner on right.

Lisa Tanner on right.

I want to thank you again for creating such a wonderful experience thru Summerfest. We began our journey this year with mixed emotions; excited to once again have the opportunity to learn from such great martial artists, but with heavy hearts because our own leader was not joining us. Victor sensei has guided us to become part of a bigger Uechi Ryu community outside of our home province of Nova Scotia, and we are forever grateful that he has shown us the way…this is not just figuratively speaking…last year he literally showed us the way! he got us to Plymouth without getting lost and I cannot say the same about my cars GPS!

The weekend went by far too quickly and as we drove home Sunday and Monday I had time to reflect, I seriously believe I suffer from P.A.E.D (post awesomeness enlightenment disorder) because with each small task I was doing a phrase, Idea, or lesson will come back to me: “find the void”, in every void there’s an attack waiting”, “create a void”, “effortless effort”, “affirmative action” are only just a few.

Then there is the camaraderie…what can I say, It is displayed everywhere, on the field or in the lounge and even followed us to the sandwich shop, old friendships growing stronger and new ones setting seed.

I enjoyed how the new format played out, It allowed for extra time at a particular station, to me this was very relevant as I had Harry’s attention for kata exploration 30 minutes longer! I have been working on Seiru for over a year now and just wasn’t getting inspired by its movements, Harry peeled that kata like an onion helping me to see each layer and its relevance to the whole “onion”.

My time spent with you on Sunday morning prompted me to re-examine why I feel the need to “force’ breathing or strike too quickly (light bulb moment…is very different than swiftly with purpose to which I confused speed) as a smaller framed lady martial artist, I think I had preconceived the need to prove or show my strength (light bulb moment once again…the only person needing to know my strength is me…feeling it really is better than showing it).

As you can see, Summerfest is a journey of self discovery for me and finding out my roots in this art. The only way I could calm the overwhelming excitement on the drive home (two days and nineteen hours of driving) was to sit in the back seat and write my thoughts; that when read aloud to Patty and Kristin were identified as poetry…another moment of self discovery because when they exclaimed “we didn’t know you wrote poetry!” my response was “me neither”.

I am sending them along for your enjoyment, however I made Patty and Kristen promise me not to laugh when I read them aloud from the backseat of my VW, with dirty jungleplex feet and still wearing last nights make-up (traveling is not glamorous). Sensei Mattson…I give you permission to laugh, because i believe your heart laughs withe people and not at them!

Sincerely yours in budo
Lisa Tanner

P.S living, breathing, and BEING in sanchin, that is the epitome of our being. I may have never been to Okinawa, but I’ve been to Plymouth Ma, where many great masters gather. xo

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May 23 2014

IUKF Update. . .

gempicIUKF has been growing very quickly. Our new site administrator has made great progress re-designing and updating the black belt registry of rank and honors. The old registry has been one of our site’s most popular feature, accessed by thousands of people checking on their rank or others. Now that our registry is being incorporated into other style sites, it is likely that the registry will become the most recognized and accredited repository of traditional martial art rank and honors.

In the process of moving the names and ranks from the old registry to the new one, it is possible that some records might have been overlooked, so please check to make sure all of your ranks and titles are recorded. . . regardless of your style or organization. All existing records will be revised and updated and of course, all IUKF ranks are automatically listed.

Our new www.iukf.net website is almost completed. Recent board meeting changes will be incorporated into the new site and revised membership fees and dan test information will be updated at the end of June and will be in effect on July 1st.

Remember that you can join IUKF and schedule your Black Belt tests by going to www.iukf.net and clicking on one of the two arrows. Membership and dan test administrators will send you requested information and will help you with any question you might have.

Christion Maine is chairing a dojo membership committee. Christian will be very pleased to talk with any teacher or dojo owner about all the benefits in becoming an IUKF member dojo. Contact Christion at: whitemountainkarate@roadrunner.com .

Of course, all you Canadians can get in touch with IUKF-Canada by sending David Mott an e-mail at david@davidmottmusic.com .

Within the next couple days, we will have special Eastern Arts Forums for IUKF-Cuba and IUKF-India. I hope you will drop in to their forums to say hello.


George E. Mattson

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May 15 2014

New “Rank & Honors” Registry

new-registry-picMany thanks to the Uechi-ryu.com site administrator for all his hard work and perseverance in creating our new Rank and Honors Registry and. . . transferring the thousands of existing entries from the old Registry. . . in spite of the many technical and programming problems he faced.


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Apr 29 2014

IUKF seminar in Cuba

Dear Sensei George Mattson.
Some pictures Sensei’s teacher Hector Gonzalez of Argentina. 9 th Dan and 6th Dan Karate Kobudo. In a seminar I gave last week here in Cuba.
A hug.
Noslem M. Torres

4-29-2014-001 4-29-2014-002

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