May 29 2015

Tim Horgan dead at 88

tim horgan photo

My good friend and Mattson Academy instructor for many years, Tim Horgan died yesterday (5/28/2015). Tim’s  friend Joe Fitzgerald wrote this very beautiful article in the Boston Herald today, that reminds us all how much Tim meant to us:

As soon as word arrived that Tim Horgan, 88, died yesterday morning, memories swept over this desk like a rampaging river in Houston.

One was so real it could have happened last night.

It was this writer’s first day on the job as a sports columnist here at the Herald.

“Fitz,” sports editor Cliff Sundberg said, “why don’t you go to the ballpark with Timmy tonight so that he can introduce you to everyone.”

Meeting manager Eddie Kasko, and resident legends such as Carl Yastrzemski and Rico Petrocelli, was no cause for anxiety; fame has never been an intimidating quality here.

But riding with Tim Horgan? That was different. Passing through the South End, through the Fenway, listening to him talk shop, a crazy Jimmy Cagney line kept coming to mind: “Look at me, Ma; top of the world!”

By the time Tim called it quits in 1991, ending a 44-year-run as a sports columnist extraordinaire, we had become close friends. The older you get, the more you realize one of life’s great blessings is to know you have won the approval of someone you admire, and no one was ever more admired here than Tim.

Oh, could he write.

Colleagues would watch him agonize over just the right word to use, then marvel over the finished product, which read like poetry.

But he also wrote with clarity, wit, character and no short measure of righteous indignation. He feared no one in expressing his beliefs, comfortable in his own skin because he knew what he believed and why.

He was the writer this writer always aspired to be.

When he retired, a “time” was held for him at the Parker House. The GMs of all our pro teams showed up. So did Red Auerbach, Bobby Orr, Milt Schmidt, Tony DeMarco, Johnny Pesky; Ted Williams sent a beautiful letter. Every TV station in town was there, and so was The Boston Globe, which presented him with a framed Page 1.

“This will never happen again,” Clark Booth correctly noted at evening’s end. “No one but Tim could ever get a crowd like this together.”

A World War II vet, a proud Tufts alumnus (Phi Betta Kappa), a black belt in karate, there was nothing Tim didn’t excel at, including a storybook 62-year-marriage to Lois, who predeceased him in 2013.

Looking through letters he sent from his retirement home in Florida, it’s hard not to smile.

When this column moved from sports to the front of the paper in 1994, he wrote: “This is what you’ve always wanted and I know you’ll do it well. As the late Wally Flynn often said to me, ‘Keep up the good work; I think you’re getting the hang of it.’ ”

In response to a column here on gay marriage, he wrote: “You handled a very delicate subject with fact and restraint. If that doesn’t work I’ll show you a few karate moves.”

On keeping busy: “We’ve been considering a cruise around the Baltic, but first we’ll have to rob a bank.”

On offering encouragement: “I keep telling you it would be a shame if you didn’t publish some of these columns in a book. I’ll expect a free copy, of course.”

But one letter was valued above all others. He had been asked to provide an endorsement on the back cover of a Luis Tiant book, which he did with generous praise. But then he added, “Fitz, it’s a very readable book, but if you don’t mind a leavening of criticism, I think there are two or three vulgarities here that should come out. Ballplayers can lack vocabulary, but not authors.”

The morning after introducing him at his enshrinement in the Sports Museum’s Hall of Fame, he wrote:“Thanks for ruining my acceptance speech, which I felt would have been the equal of JFK’s Inaugural Address. Your introduction was so emotional I couldn’t even read my notes. But I’ll forgive you because I know you spoke from the heart.”

Filling this column with his words is better than anything this student could write. Tim was always the teacher.

If he had a fitting epitaph it would be the one he gave himself: “I was a nag, a scold, and a great second-guesser, but I was never a hatchet man and I say that proudly.”

Goodbye, good friend, and God bless.

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May 20 2015

Silver Shoken Ring Arrived!!!

Susan will be mailing them out tomorrow!!!

They look great! ring-3 ring-sm-1 ring-sm-2 ring-sm-3

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May 14 2015

Historic Superempi Interview & Demo

Simon Lailey performing Superempi.

Simon Lailey performing Superempi.

Simon Lailey discovered Superempi during his journey and studies in China. He introduced the kata to the rest of the world in the mid 90s during his visit to Boston and his interview with me, followed by his Summerfest seminars that year.

The interview and demonstrations were published in the new video magazine, issue # 6 in 1996 and the rest is history. Whether the kata is indeed the lost 4th form in Uechi-ryu will probably never be fully resolved, but for thousands of practitioners, the kata will continue to be practiced, studied and appreciated.

The videos were converted to digital a number of years ago and then forgotten. Bill Glasheen’s Superempi dvd was created a few years later and Bill did a great job “Uechi-sizing” some of the goju flavors from the lengthy set. During my recent housekeeping of memorabilia, the original dvd was discovered and selected to be the second offering for this series.

Besides the lengthy interview with Simon and his full speed and slow motion study of the kata, the dvd also contains an interesting commentary by me on the subject of kyu promotions. The material is presented in a two dvd package and has been upgraded with a table of contents and chapters.links. Click here to purchase.

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May 06 2015

Historic DVD Archives. . .


I have been going through my DVD archives this week and discovered quite a few that you might wish to add to your collection. I will post one of these historic videos every week that I will offer for sale.






1985 WinterFest held on Okinawa


Over 100 teachers and students from around the world traveled to Okinawa for the first major, International gathering of Uechi-ryu participants to assemble on Okinawa for the purpose of training and celebrating with the senior instructors of our style. Grandmaster Kanei Uechi officiated, opened up the training session and participated in the week-long program.

As a spectacular ending to the event, the Uechi organization held their annual tournament and demonstrations as part of the historic week. There was a lot of film shot during the week and most was sent to me. The best of the films were edited into this DVD, which is now available in the Uechi-ryu store.

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Mar 23 2015

July 6-11 Koshukai

spencerSensei Mattson. I hope this message reaches you. John Spencer said you would be able to put a link in your website directing people to our July 6-11 Koshukai at UCONN. The link can be had at

many thanks


John Griffin

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Mar 12 2015

Minimum Order Reached!

We have the paid orders necessary to fulfill the manufacturing requirements for our custom designed martial art ring and the order will be placed March 31st. The final price is $175, which includes shipping to USA.

Click Here to order your ring!
shoken ring sample

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Feb 23 2015

Uechi-ryu Karate Championship Series

Greetings Brothers and Sisters of Uechi-Ryu,

04Tourney13I am happy to announce the anticipated Uechi-Ryu Karate Championship Series which our students have come to enjoy will resume this year 2015.  The anticipated dates are all Saturdays, April 11, June 13 and October 3.  I use the word anticipated because although the venue has approved these dates, the manager still have to follow protocol and announce these date to their committee.  Sensei Len Testa and I have also decided to start all 3 tournaments at 1pm.  This would allow our competitors to sleep late on a week end and have lunch prior to the start of the events.  I remembered many of the competitors being hungry while waiting for kumite.  No one wants to see their little ninjas hungry and uncomfortable.

The venue for all 3 tournaments will be held at The Natick Senior Center.  The address is 117 E. Central Street, Natick, MA 01760We chose this venue because of its central location to many of the dojos who have supported this tournament series in the past.  And a single, familiar location makes it easier for all our competitors, parents and judges.  It is certainly an easier ride for our central, western and northern dojos.  Tournament fees will be announced when our posters and applications are sent out.  Understanding the condition of our economy, we are trying to keep all fees as low as possible.  Very possibly lower then entry fees of the past.

The awards night will be held on October 17th, at the China Pearl located at 237 Quincy Avenue, Quincy, MA 02169.  The award night tickets will be $30 per person.  This includes the presentation of the championship trophies, kata and weapon performances from our champions and a 6 course meal.  Each table will seat 10 people.  All award tickets must be purchased in advance.  A $20 discount will available for “dojo tables”.  Instead of individuals from your dojo purchasing seats and sending in their checks to me, the dojo can send in $280 per table “which seats 10” and arrange their own seating and guarantee his/her dojo students and parents will sit together.  If there are parents, students or relatives who you cannot fit in your tables ordered, they will have to pay $30 and we will assign them to other tables where we have room.

Thank you again for being so patient with us. Let’s get ready for a great year in Uechi-Ryu.

Darin Yee

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Nov 11 2014

New Belt Pins – Available NOW!


pins-close-up-2 pins-close-up-1

These very special pins, with a screw-back, have been out of stock for many years. I discovered the original art work for these pins during a storage unit visit and decided to have them recreated in a new 1″ diameter size and a 3/8″ screw-post. (To ensure a secure attachment.)

Retail price, only $20 for both pins. Click here to order

Contact me for quantity pricing. (A great special occasion gift)



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Oct 30 2014

Rank, Stripes and Titles


For years, Uechi practitioners were satisfied with the gold stripes representing the titles of Renshi, Kyoshi and Hanshi. At one time, a board of Okinawa grandmasters awarded these titles. Kiyohide Shinjo and I were two of the first recipients of the Renshi gold stripe after being interviewed and tested by one of the Titles committee board member.

The practice ended shortly after it begun, for unknown reasons. IUKF renewed the process and formed a board to monitor and award the titles and gold stripes.

For the other Uechi organizations, the stripes didn’t represent anything other than the awarding of a master rank. And since the original purpose of the stripes didn’t have anything to do with rank, there was lots of confusion regarding how to divide three stripes into 5 ranks. Hence the logical conclusion was to simply sew on a stripe for every master rank.

This confusion over the purpose of the stripes was brought up at a recent IUKF board meeting and the consensus was that since the stripes has lost any relationship to the titles of Renshi, Kyoshi and Hanshi, IUKF should no longer associate the stripes with the titles.

I agreed with the decision of the board and beginning November 1, 2014, belt stripes will only represent the master ranking of 6th – 10th degree black belts.

The titles program will continue to exist in its present form. The board is considering issuing a special certificate and award that will replace the gold bar on belts.

Train often and train smart. . .

best, George 

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Sep 12 2014

Dojo Ownership



Uechi Ryu Black Belts,


Have you ever thought about taking the next step in your Uechi Ryu training and possibly opening your own Uechi Ryu school?


If you imagine having a large school or a small dojo,  the IUKF can help support and guide you in your dream of being a dojo owner. The IUKF was formed in 1975 for a multitude of reasons including assisting dojos in their business needs and teachings of the art of Uechi Ryu.


Grand Master George Mattson started teaching in Boston, MA in 1958. Along with being the first Uechi Ryu teacher in the United States, he quickly grew Mattson Academy into a thriving dojo business. Today, many of his senior students run their own schools all over the world.


The IUKF can help you grow your Uechi dojo or even start a new dojo from ground zero including providing structure, experience, ranking and many other tools that will enhance your school.


The following is a list of some of the many benefits and reasons why you should consider aligning your dojo with the IUKF.


  • The IUKF is headed and lead by Grand Master George E  Mattson, Tenth Dan.

  • The IUKF is a world-wide organization that consists of regional Uechi-Ryu dojos that conduct black belt grading twice a year.

  • IUKF Dojo Committee, a committee of dojo owners.

  • Grading and testing is based on International standards in the Black Belt Test Guide interpreted and clarified by the IUKF Rules Committee.

  • Two international  training camps held every year with master ranking and testing.

  • Regional training.

  • Both internationally recognized Kyu and Dan certificates.

  • Uechi Ryu title certificates.

  • Monthly newsletters.

  • Online monthly trainings.

  • Online Teacher meetings.


For more information go to and contact Chairman of IUKF,  Henry Thom,

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